Why I Chose To Abandon Priesthood For Politics – Hyacinth Alia Opens Up

Benue State Governor, Hyacinth Alia has disclosed the reasons behind his shift from priesthood to politics.

During a discussion with reporters at the Government House in Makurdi, Governor Alia recalled a light-hearted encounter with Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State, who jovially teased him for transitioning from the priesthood to politics when asked about his motivations.

Reflecting on this, Governor Alia explained that his motivation stemmed from a desire to continue the church’s mission, which is to save souls and prevent people from being lost.

He viewed his entry into partisan politics as an extension of this purpose, aiming to serve and uplift the disadvantaged masses of Benue.


Alia, a Catholic priest turned politician who has held office for ten months, asserted that he had spent 33 years as a priest, deeply ingrained in the lives of his local community.

He had witnessed firsthand the struggles of the needy and marginalized, individuals who often lacked social representation and support.

Driven by a sense of duty to these vulnerable groups, the governor said he felt compelled to address the systemic injustices and neglect they faced.


Governor Alia emphasized that his decision was guided by a belief in God’s love for all people, particularly those who are overlooked and marginalized, and he was determined to advocate for their rights and well-being in the political arena.

Despite facing suspension from the priesthood due to his political aspirations, Alia clarified that the church doesn’t inherently oppose priests engaging in partisan politics, particularly in cases involving multiple political parties.

He explained that the church maintains reservations in such situations but also acknowledges circumstances where societal dysfunction necessitates a priest’s intervention to bring about positive change.

Governor Alia emphasized the importance of understanding this nuanced perspective, underscoring his commitment to serving and uplifting all individuals, especially those in need of assistance.


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