Trouble As Hacker Hacks Access Bank, Obtains Over 2000 Customers BVN (Video)

Access Bank database has been hacked with over 2000 customers BVN obtained.

TruetellsNigeria reports that a video published on the micro-blogging site, Twitter on Monday, showed a yet to be identified individual who claimed to be a hacker explaining how he was able to hack into Access Bank Nigeria Database.

In a one minute video published by aTwitter user, @NekkaSmith, the hacker claimed he hacked Access Bank’s system server to obtain customers’ personal information to show the vulnerability in Access Bank’s internal security, adding that none of the customer information is safe.

The twitter user captioned the video: “Access Bank Data hack, this is not tidy“, this was even as the hacker called the internal security of Access Bank “stupid” due to how easy he was able to obtain the information that could enable him to debit Access Bank’s customers’ account.

According to the hacker: “If someone like me could get hold of customers information like this, from their system, hack into their system, then that should tell you the potential damage,” the hacker said on allegedly being in possession of over 2,000 Customers BVN, Other sensitive info which could enable debit victims’ bank accounts with Access Bank.


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