By Odinaka Chukwuka,
Awka, Anambra

When true PDP members throw tantrums, I condone them as innocent anger of committed but misled or brainwashed members. But when a character of outlandish dishonour as Senator Ben Obi fouls the political space with dubious postulations, I open the garbage bin, where people like him should be dumped and forgotten, as one of our mistakes of tolerating and celebrating mediocrity.

Ben Obi took centre stage to defend the fraud that was perpetrated on June 26, 2021, at the Dora Akunyili Women Development Center, in the name of factional primary election. What many do not know is that Ben Obi is a hunter of fortune, who goes to unbelievable lengths and joins any kind of group as long as money would be shared. He possesses the spirit and mentality of a mercenary, and it is a well known fact that a mercenary does not fight any war for a cause. A mercenary only fights for money.

Like all dogs of war, Ben Obi’s conscience is questionable. His sense of good and bad is persuaded by the side that has more money. Therefore, when he talked about being a leader in the PDP, my first reaction was to ask him, how much of PDP is in him and how much of PDP he knows? He is free to continue his penchant for bogus claims but to claim to be a PDP leader is an unconscionable lie, that its time has come to be rebutted. Lapdogs never become leaders of the pack. They are just vomit eaters.

As PDP was being convened in 1998, Ben Obi was busy with others convening the All Peoples Party, APP, which later became ANPP. When his kite could not fly in the party, he sneaked through the backdoor into the PDP. His first exhibition of many atrocities to come was to steal the senatorial mandate given to Senator IG Abana. Soon as he finished digesting the largesse from the stolen position, he forgot about the PDP and moved on to the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN. As a typical rolling stone, without ideals, philosophy, morals or commitment, he soon abandoned the ACN and sneaked back to the PDP. An unsuspecting Tom Ikimi, completely misjudged Ben Obi’s character and made the worst error of judgement when he recommended his appointment as the National Secretary of the party’s Caretaker Committee headed by the former Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi.

The sad Nigerian factor which emboldened this political merchant was his tolerance by other members of the Caretaker Committee, who knew him well enough as a rolling stone, and yet looked the other way as he used the coveted office to perpetrate monumental absurdities in Anambra PDP, which is the progenitor of the current crisis in the party. And now, this over indulged betrayer of the party is grandstanding as a leader in the same party he has callously sabotaged for years. What impudence!

It is generally known that among Gov. Obiano’s spies in the PDP, Ben Obi ranks highest. For selling out PDP to APGA and for engineering crisis in the party, APGA administration has expended millions of Naira constructing a house for him in Awka, including tarring the access road to the house.

Their so-called factional primary election which Ben Obi was chief facilitator, was the fulfilment of the promise to cripple PDP and most especially, to ensure the emergence of a feeble lightweight as the party’s governorship candidate, so that APGA will coast to victory without reasonable challenge from the PDP.

Another vicious attribute of this inglorious political merchant is his incredible capacity to drop names of powerful and influential Nigerians with ease. This is the chief tool he uses to mesmerize people in order to hoodwink them.

The sad and most annoying negative in Ben Obi’s profile is his inability to support his posturing with a verifiable proof of academic qualification, in this age when we tell our youths that education is the key to the future. This sounds incredible but I challenge him to produce evidence of an academic qualification higher than School Certificate.

How then can this serial defector, unscrupulous political merchant, impostor and betrayer in chief of the PDP claim to be the conscience of the party. No, he is not. He is an empty vessel and a soulless impostor, who has contributed more than anyone else in the state to the lingering crisis in Anambra PDP. Ben Obi is the nemesis of the PDP.

Odinaka Chukwuka,

Source: Daily News Reporters


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