Kemi Olunloyo Reacts As ‘Son’ Publicly Disowns Her

Self-acclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has reacted after her first son, Enitan, allegedly took to social media to publicly disown her.

It was reported (Not Naija News) that Enitan, who is a level 35 Cosplayer with Instagram handle, @eni2171987 took to the social media platform to call out his mother.

According to him, he doesn’t take her seriously as she abandoned him when he was a kid.

He wrote, “The reason that I don’t do thanksgiving like I used to because my mom or should I say, Kemi have the audacity to treat me any kind of way. And the reason why I turn my back on her cos she don’t care about her own flesh and blood family, but herself. That’s why I am still no longer her son. Because she’s already famous and a pathetic fool she is and when i realize that after all these years and secretly told myself. She would have been locked up in GA after 14 years ago. I was in the house all alone. No food, no electricity!”

Reacting to the development, Kemi via her social media account appealed to the public to disregard the post as her sons are not on the internet.

She accused her sister’s kids of running fake accounts to defame her, adding that the write ups are false and not real.

She wrote: “No Distractions!! There are fakes accounts in my name, i only talk on verified pages. No time for burner accts. Any gists my children are writing is FASLE. My sister kids are running fake accts. Only one of my children is on SM and has not posted since Valentine’s Day.”

My Oldest Is Autistic And Can’t Disown Me

In another post, she added: ‘‘Never used drugs in my life, I am a pharmacist and award winning addiction counselor. Never was homeless, built 3 houses in America and a Nigerian American. Cutie Jules is stupid as fuck. My oldest son is autistic and lives in a state assisted living facility and not on social media. My sisters children are the ones impersonating him. I will talk soon about the crime they committed which SARS busted them and was hidden under wraps because my dad begged the CP not to expose them. Everything you see online is not always true.”


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