Five Ways To Use Your Contact To Get A Job

Do you know that you can cut down on the barriers of job hunting through your contacts?

People are often of the notion that you need a godfather’s connection to get a job.

Well, they are right to some extent. But sometimes, all you need is the contact you already have. In this guide, you’re going to learn how to leverage your connections to land that dream job of yours. Do this well, and it will amaze you how important your contact is.

1. Image Check Your Social Handles

I often advise prospective employees to be mindful of their social media presence and the kind of posts they make. I was about recruiting someone but had a change of mind the moment I snooped out his Facebook page. The numerous “F” word was a huge turn-off. As if that wasn’t enough, his comments were vile and fond of degrading women.

Most potential employers make it a habit to check the social handles of future employees. You know why? These are platforms through which most individuals exhibit their true nature. If you must get a job through your network or contact, you need to work on your social media presence.

2. Start With Your Current Relationship

Don’t be shy to check on your friends, neighbors, and some business contacts you might have. Also, utilize your LinkedIn and other social handles, and make it clear the position you aspire to fill. Don’t be shy to ask if they can check for any openings. You can never know, but your dream job might be a “hi” away. Leveraging those closest to you is one of the most reliable ways to get a job.

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3. Know Your Contacts

You can have the connection of 100 CEOs, and still, they will be utterly useless. You need to know them and establish a relationship. The more bond you have with each contact, the more valuable the connection is. The moment you can call your contacts and ask about anything, that is the moment you become a friend. That way, getting a favor from them in the form of a job offer becomes possible. If they don’t have the job to offer you, they might know someone who does. Never underestimate the power of your contacts.

4. Give Before Receiving

To get something from someone, the strategy that often works is to help them out first. That way, they feel indebted to reciprocate the gesture. No matter how huge or little, try and give before you think of receiving. So, do you know anyone in your contact who can help you secure a job? How can you use your skills to support that contact? If you’re good with graphic design, you can surprise them by designing a complimentary card for them or even redesign their logo. Bound them with your help, and they won’t be free until they have reciprocated the gesture.

5. Don’t Rule Anyone Out

Although it is paramount to stay in contact with those in your industry. That, however, doesn’t mean you should hastily rule some contacts out of your phonebook. That is true, especially if you’re yet to know them very well. Instead of scraping them out, learn about the contact industry. You might be surprised that the overlooked contact might be the only one capable of helping you. If they can’t help you, perhaps they might know someone who can.

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Wrapping Up!

The only connection you need to land your dream job is the one in your network. Have you been building quality networks on social media? How does your social media handles portray you? Perhaps now the time to do some sweep. Potential employers can dig out comments or posts you made years ago. If they don’t represent you in a positive light, then there is a problem. There is a saying, the internet never forgets. Don’t allow that assertion to work against you. Good Luck!


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