Afenifere decries FG’s diversionary tactics in governance


…says its leader, Pa Ayo Adebanjo is hail and hearty.




The pan Nigerian Welfarist group, Afenifere, has charged the federal government to face governance squarely and refrain from diversionary tactics that further compound citizen’s plight at this time of severe economic hardship.



The group also allayed misinformation in the media over the demise of Professor Ayo Banjo, former Vice Chancellor, University  of Ibadan, mistakenly quoted as Pa Ayo Adebanjo, leader of Afenifere, while expressing dismay at a Television station’s unprofessional act, in a confusion of the name of Professor Banjo with that of the revered Leader of AFENIFERE, Pa Ayo Adebanjo. The group said that Pa Adebanjo, who chaired the day’s meeting, noted the mischief and thanked God for continuing to spare his life.





In a communique issued at the conclusion of the regular monthly meeting of the National Executive Council of AFENIFERE in Lagos on Tuesday 28th May, 2024, signed by its Deputy Secretary General, Alade Rotimi-John, Esq and Publicity Secretary, Justice Faloye, it stated that Afenifere observed with displeasure, the distressing state of the nation’s affairs that has left people perplexed.




The group also disclosed that people are troubled by pervasive hardships, insecurity and gross unemployment, noting that the long term effects of what it calls, lack of forethought or purpose, regarding the handling of public revenue need to be addressed.



It stated; “Since the inauguration of the APC-led Federal Government some nine years ago and particularly since the assumption of office by the present administration, one year in the count, has left the people perplexed and bewildered respecting the direction of the ship of State.

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“AFENIFERE notes that the Nigerian people are sorely troubled by the pervasive hardship, unremitting insecurity in the land, run-away inflation, massive unemployment, all of which have left the people worse off than they were at the beginning.




“The group also observes the profligacy and indifferent attitude to the long-term effects of the lack of forethought or purpose regarding the handling of the public revenue.




Afenifere further mentioned that it has found it necessary to make known to the public, this administration’s profligacy or inclination to waste resources that include  N90 billion as subsidy for intending pilgrims to go to Hajj, N15 billion for the building of a new mansion for the Vice President,  N40 billion for the National Assembly complex renovation, N70 billion as payment for outgoing National Assembly members and N70 billion as welcome package for incoming National Assembly members.



These, it stated, do not in any way represent good governance including innumerable billions of Naira for Bullet-Proof SUV’s for National Assembly members and N10 billion for the renovation of the Presidential Lodge at Ribadu Road, Lagos among others.




“Afenifere expressed worries at the odium and dented international image at which the administration conducted its affairs on the global stage, that will suffice a N600 million of a business investment in Nigeria by a global shipping giant that has allegedly dovetailed into an immediate negative investor sentiment.



According to the group, the alleged claims by the Presidency that it had entered into series of agreements with Qatar in respect of bi-lateral trade and business was disclaimed by the emirate country, noting also that the United Arab Emirate denied it had begun issuing visas to Nigerians contrary that the Presidency claimed.

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“Afenifere is aghast at the government’s unfazed position regarding the abuse of procedure, in respect of the projected construction of the so called ‘Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway’ which budget estimates are not contained in the 2024 National Budget laid before the National Assembly for consideration and possible approval.




“The frenetic speed at which the project is being pursued suggests an untoward purpose on the part of the government. The Environmental Impact Assessment procedure, which ought to have preceded the award of a N15 Trillion project is just being considered after the award of the contract with much criticism and protests.




“The group is puzzled that a government is so adept at diversionary tactics to lull the people to sleep and get confused. Loud concerns for the unmethodical handling of governance have become noticeable. Such as the re-introduction of old National Anthem and the frenzied recourse to the Supreme Court to reverse itself on the settled issue of the absence of powers by the Federal Government to create and regulate the affairs of any Local Government in the Federation, which the Court had ruled is vested in the State and not the Government of the Federation.



Afenifere, however made known to the public the appointment and approval of substantive national publicity secretary, Prince Justice Jadesola Faloye with immediate effect.


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