Woman arrested after Russian plot to assassinate Zelensky with huge air strike is foiled

A Ukrainian woman has been arrested by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) in connection with a plot to assassinate Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, the SBU said Monday, August 7.

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The woman has not been publicly named but is from the city of Mykolaiv, officials said. She allegedly planned to send details of Zelensky’s trip to the city for a coordinated Russian air strike.



According to Ukraine’s SBU intelligence service, the suspect was “gathering intelligence” about the Ukrainian president’s planned visit to the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine at the end of July.

Ukrainian intelligence officials were tipped off about the “subversive activities” of the alleged informant before she could strike.

The plot would have seen a massive airstrike target Ukraine’s leader while he was visiting the region last week near the south-eastern front.

Woman arrested after Russian plot to assassinate Zelensky with huge air strike is foiled

The woman allegedly planned to pass information to the Russians on Zelensky’s exact whereabouts in the city. Moscow would then target these exact areas with the aim of killing Zelensky, according to the SBU.

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The informant apparently had other goals as well including passing the locations of key military targets to Russian forces. She allegedly travelled around the region filming military sites.

“The enemy informer had other goals. In particular, to identify the location of electronic warfare systems and warehouses with ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Ochakov region,” the SBU said in a statement.


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