Whatever Bill You Bring To National Assembly Will Be Passed, House Of Reps Speaker Assures President Tinubu

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas has said that whatever bill President Bola Tinubu’s administration brings to the National Assembly will be passed.


Abass made this known while speaking during a dinner hosted by the President for over 60 members of the House of Representatives to break the Ramadan fast.


The Speaker recalled that the recent bills that came from the presidency were treated expeditiously in the House.


He affirmed that what they did was not far from a miracle, noting that the delivery of a bill within 48 hours is not an easy task.

According to him, this was done because the lawmakers respected the President.

According to a video posted by Channels Television on its X handle on Thursday, the Speaker asserted that there were no voices in the House against the President and his policies.

He said, “Your Excellency, if I tell you that this in this month of Ramadan, we are breaking our fast for the 10th time and if you look at your administration, it is in the 10th month. So this is a very divine day, a day that God has gathered us to make things happen, for miracle to happen for this country to go forward.


“So it’s our prayer, Your Excellency, that this meeting will open a better chapter of the relationship between the executive and House in such a way that we would continue to work in synergy, in unity on purpose between the two of us. So far so good Your Excellency, the House is very supportive of you, the House loves you very well, and there is hardly any dissenting voice in the House today and yesterday against you for any of your policies.

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The House has always supported what you do and we shall continue to strive in ensuring that we operate as one – the executive and the legislature together. We want to ensure that whatever you bring will see the light of the day, both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.


“You can see an example of the acid test of members’ support and solidarity. Just within the last three, four days, about three bills came from the Presidency and they were all expected to be treated expeditiously.

“And the House and the Senate did not relent, Your Excellency, in ensuring that we delivered a miracle because what we did is just short of being called a miracle – delivering bills within 48 hours is not an easy task but that is exactly what the National Assembly did because of the sheer respect it has for you.


“So this is what we want to continue, this is what sustain in the months and years to come.”



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