UCMAS Host 4th National Competition In Lagos For All Nigerian Students


The Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) has held its fourth national competition in UNILAG.

The competition which was organized by MAURYA Education Limited brought together school across Nigeria for a competition to enhance the learning of students in primary and secondary schools.

According to the organizers UCMAS is a brain development program for children at the age of five to fourth years.

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Speaking at the event, the country head country head of MAURYA Education Limited, Stephen Amoako Ofori said that the main objective of the program is to enhance children thinking skills.

” The main objective of the program is to enhance children’s thinking skills, memory skills and concentration. You might see the name UCMAS which is an acronym of Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System and the whole intention is to be able to develop the inert abilities of children so the children can do more with the enhancement of their brain capacity.

Our major focus is school students those between the age of 5 to 14 years especially looking at their age because those are formative years where children are eager to learn.

It is proven that by Eighteen years, about 86% of your child’s brain might have formed already so that is why we focus on that particular age so that we can begin to develop the child’s brain together.

This is our 4th National Competition in Nigeria, we have held series of events, exclusively out of this competition, we have had international competitions, national competitions and TV shows. In this competition we brought every child in Nigeria that is registered to UCMAS together to compete, this is part of what we do to help enhance learning activities of children in Nigeria.

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UCMAS is self engaging and fun, children should be able to learn while having fun.
The basic nature of UCMAS is that we are targeting who have very week concentration because lack of concentration can affect a Child’s performance.

We are focused on children that are very week in memory skills, children who want to develop their thinking skills, children who want to know their inert abilities and enhance their problem solving skills, we believe that every child is born a genius, through the right educations, they can do well”. He said

Also speaking a parent at the competition venue, Mrs Stephanie Osugo said that said that for the children UCMAS is a very sharp smart mathematics that affects every aspect of Maths.

“UCMAS is a very sharp smart mathematics that affects every aspect of Maths, their multiplication, their speed and it affects every other aspect because it is the basics.

The UCMAS is built in such a way that the children, speed and condition and attention is already hacked into very on in life, so you see children as low as age 3 and 4 are already interested in math”. She Said


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