Trait Media Boss, Olakunle Odetoogun Glitz In Two-In-One Celebration


This effervescent media entrepreneur, Odetoogun A. N. Olakunke is presently blistering and glittering in a double-edged celebration of his birthday and launching of his intellectual ‘baby’, Traitocrat Magazine and Online platform.

The very hardworking, intelligent and investigative pen pusher like Odetoogun A. N. Olakunke belongs to the calibre of thoroughbred journalists who distinguish themselves as viable wordsmith and media experts with strong penchant for investigative journalism.

Odetoogun is appreciating the Almighty God who gave him the rare opportunity of witnessing yet another year in perfect health and all goodies of life. He is also using this medium to express his gratitude to business partners, advertisers, clients, family and well-wishers who have kept and are still keeping very strong faith in all his life’s pursuance.

The astute member of the forth estate of the realms could be described as a man of unique intellectual endowments which he has used to propel the media image of Traitocrat Magazine and it’s online platforms diligently.

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