Tragedy averted as train halts for man who sat on rail track after losing N35,000 in Lagos

A major tragedy was averted at Cappa/Oshodi on Thursday when a moving train halted for a man who said absent-mindedly on the rail track.

The man was resting on his hands placed on his knees while ignoring the blasting horns of the train.

The man, who looked dishevelled, when asked why he ignored the warnings, said he was on his way to Arena Shopping Complex when he lost N35,000.

He said the shock of the loss numbed him.

“I was on my way to Arena when I realised I had lost N35,000,” he said.

An eyewitness said: “Even I could hear the train horn from a far distance.”

What was most surprising for others eyewitnesses was that it was unusual for a train in motion to stop abruptly.

One eyewitness said: “I don’t want to witness what I did some few years ago in this same place – how a train smashed a man into smithereens right before me.”



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