Top 10 fashionable Nigerian male celebrities of 2022

Who were some of the most fashionable male celebrities this year? Well, think no further because we made a list.

The drip lord continued his legacy of dripping this year, wearing urban styles and bespoke suits as usual.

This Lagos bad boy always looked his best in different urban wear and even at red-carpet events.

Eni, being the lip-gloss boy that he is, also made several fashion statements. Let’s not forget his deal with crocs this year.

If there’s one thing Kizz will do, it’s to make a great fashion statement, apart from singing hit songs consistently of course. Kizz was a dream in his two-piece.

Adekunle was the king of high fashion this year. Fashion-wise, it was his best year yet.

Wizkid always brought his drip this year, choosing neutral colors and designer outfits many times.

Burna had a great year fashion wise, he stuck to simple two-piece and a lot of designer labels and it paid off. Guess we have his sister and stylist, Ronami to thank for that. We cannot forget his Burberry campaign too.

We do have to give it up to Denola, his reel with Enioluwa went viral in the middle of the year, the truth is when it comes to style, he’s in a league of his own.

We loved to marvel at Ebuka’s style every single time the Big Brother Naija eviction show aired. His style is always impeccable.


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