Three Nigerian Pilgrims Abscond In Israel

Three pilgrims from the Nigeria have reportedly absconded after visiting the holy land in Israel.

The absconded pilgrims are from Delta State.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa in reaction on Tuesday said he is shocked. He described the incident as embarrassing and promised to carry out an investigation into the incident.

“From next year, we do not want to have the incidences of people absconding in Israel. It is something that is becoming worrisome. I just got a text. I have not been able to confirm but I want to investigate that three persons absconded.

“I still feel very shocked,” Okowa said.

The governor was reacting during the swearing-in and inauguration of special advisers and board members of some state parastatals at the government house in Asaba, the state capital.

He vowed to investigate the incident to its root and find out who recommended the absconded pilgrims.

“We are going to dig it up in its roots to find out who recommended the pilgrims. It is very embarrassing, I do not expect that from Delta State,” Okowa added.

He concluded that the process for selection and screening of Christian pilgrims from Delta State will henceforth be more thorough to ensure trust and responsibility.

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