Teenager Kills Himself After His Mother Caught Him Having Sex With A Girl

A reportedly 15-year old young man, Godfrey Chipare, has killed himself after a short disagreement with his mother.

Truetells Nigeria learnt that the boy took his own life after he was caught by the mother having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old girl in their house.

Chipare’s mother reportedly fought her son over the act and hence, the teenager moved out of the house and never returned.

Narrating the incident, the deceased cousin, Samantha Chipare told reporters that Chipare left his mom’s place to stay with them after their quarrel.

She, however, regretted that the young man would take his own life over the incident.

Samantha revealed that she was the last person to talk to him before he was found dead.

The young man is said to have promised he will return home the next day but never did.

According to Samantha, they have no idea where he spent the day, but only saw him later in the evening when he returned.

She said they never questioned his whereabouts upon his return since he had informed them about his intention to go to his mother’s place, she added that the last time she saw him alive was when she woke him up to prepare for school.

Later in the day according to Samantha, Chipare was found by her mother hanging near the toilet.

The deceased cousin said she had no idea Godfrey was planning to commit suicide.

She also claimed that she discovered through neighbours that he had been looking for vegetable pesticides before hanging himself.

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Truetells Nigeria understands that the deceased was a form one student from Chitungizwa in Zimbabwe.


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