Stanbic Bank Grapples with Consequences of Sex Scandal


A scandal has rocked Stanbic Bank’s Soroti branch, revealing a network of sexual activity among staff members.

The controversy revolves around a female staffer, known as Ademun, whose transfer from Kotido to Soroti sparked excitement among male colleagues. One by one, they pursued romantic relationships with her, leading to intimate encounters.

Reports indicate that even employees from the Soroti regional office were involved in these liaisons, with approximately five individuals implicated. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when Ademun began displaying signs of pregnancy, prompting efforts to identify the father.

Initially, she accused a man named Alex, who denied paternity and abruptly left for Kampala. Subsequently, she pointed fingers at a senior manager in the regional office, who also denied involvement and resigned from his position. Despite appeals to another senior manager to take responsibility, her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Further revelations stunned colleagues as it emerged that Ademun’s relationships extended beyond the workplace. Allegations surfaced of her involvement with two prominent businessmen in Soroti town, both of whom denied responsibility.

Tragically, Ademun reportedly resorted to terminating the pregnancy at a later stage, putting her life at risk. Fortunately, she has since recovered from the ordeal.

The scandal has left female bank staffers apprehensive about transfers to the Soroti branch, fearing exposure to sexually aggressive individuals.

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