See Why Finland is the happiest country on earth

Finland has topped the list of the happiest nations for six years running. Even though the country has cold, lengthy winters and periods of the year with little to no daylight.

Why people in Finland are happy [nbcnews]

This is why;

Finland is a happy place because there are government policies put in place to reduce some parts of life’s stress – education is generally free, time off from work is available, and health care is guaranteed.

Finland is a safe country, there is little crime and corruption, and the people trust the government.

Finland als has culture of looking out for each other. There is a sense of community among Finnish people.

They are social and sociable [istock]

The majority of people in Finland have a decent work-life balance, there is paid time off work for many people, and work isn’t stressful. Work commutes are typically short in the weak country with a population of about 5.5 million, giving residents more time to enjoy themselves throughout the day.

Here’s what we can learn from Finland about happiness.

  1. People are happier when education is inexpensive.
  2. People are happier when there is security.
  3. People are happier when they can trust the government.
  4. People are happier when work isn’t stressful.
  5. People are happier when they spend time in nature.
  6. People are happier when they have a community of people.

Nigeria is ranked 116th happiest country. Afghanistan and Lebanon are at the bottom, ranking 137th and 136th.


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