See Players With Most Red Cards In PL History

Duncan Ferguson, Patrick Vieira and Richard Dunne are the three players with most red cards in the Premier League as each of them was sent off 8 times.

Former Man Utd centre-back Vidic, former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and ex-Chelsea centre-back John Terry are all in the top 20. Each of them got 6 red cards.

Before he became Joey Barton the philosopher, he was Joey Barton the punisher.

The former Manchester City and Newcastle United midfielder was sent off six times in the Premier League, with a total of nine dismissals against his name across the duration of his career, including one in Ligue 1, where he clashed with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva.

As well as being ill-disciplined on the pitch, Barton also exhibited violent behaviour off it, particularly when he was younger, but later in his career he took his battles to the realm of the mind.

Former Colombia international Gerardo Bedoyaholds the record for most red cards received by a footballer with 46 dismissals.

The midfielder, who counts Racing, Millionarios and Boca Juniors among his former clubs, was prone to lashing out, hence his terrible rap sheet.

Diego Costa is very much a throwback to an era when strikers needed to be just as aggressive as the defenders who were intent on stopping them.

However, his style of play has landed him in trouble with referees everywhere he has been.

The Spain international is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the opposition box, but his propensity towards violence means that he is into double figures when it comes to career red cards.



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