Revealed: How Terrorists Rehearsed Repeatedly Before Attacking NDA

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has disclosed that the bandit terrorists who invaded the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, planned the attack meticulously.

In an interview with the Voice of Nigeria (VON) on Wednesday, DHQ spokesman, Major General Benjamin Sawyerr, said the daredevil criminals breached the NDA security effortlessly.


Sawyer revealed that the terrorists repeatedly studied the military facility and rehearsed before invading the academy in the early hours of Tuesday.

The DHQ spokesman added that the bandits killed two senior military officers for resisting being kidnapped after abducting a Major.

Sawyerr, who described the NDA attack as unfortunate, expressed sadness over the killing of the two senior military officers.

He asserted that every security architecture around the world is susceptible to breaches, calling for the review of the NDA security protocol.

He said: “It was an unfortunate incident. We lost two of our very brave officers. Every security architecture is susceptible to breaches; it is unfortunate that that of the NDA was breached.

“I can tell you that these people had consistently studied and rehearsed what they wanted to do because where they went to are the quarters for officers. The officers, who were killed, fought bravely against being abducted.

Sawyer disclosed that the Chief of Defence Staff had set up a board of enquiry to ascertain the cause of the security breach at the NDA.

He added that the inquiry board will also sanction any personnel found culpable in the attack and also preventing a future occurrence.

“Let me use this opportunity to reiterate that the NDA authorities, acting on the directive of the Chief of Defence Staff, have constituted a board of enquiry to ascertain the remote and immediate cause(s) of the breach of security with a view to sanctioning any personnel found culpable and also preventing a future occurrence,” he added.


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