REVEALED: How Buhari Government Kept Sunday Igboho In Detention, Not Benin Republic

Yomi Alliyu, lawyer to Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemi (Igboho), has stated that the Nigerian government under President Muhammadu Buhari is the one keeping Igboho in prison and not the Benin Republic government.

Though Igboho has been detained for months in the Benin Republic custody, the lawyer noted that the Nigerian government was behind his continued incarceration.

Alliyu also dismissed reports of an alleged plan to eliminate the activist.
In an interview with Vanguard, the lawyer warned those “flying the kite” to desist from spreading such speculations assuring that Igboho would regain freedom soon.
He said, “I don’t have knowledge of a threat to his life. I speak with his wife regularly but I don’t have such knowledge of plans to eliminate him.
“We have persuaded his boys and Yoruba youths not to take laws into their hands. We told them not to behave like IPOB (the Indigenous People of Biafra) because we told them that if they start killing and burning, they will be killing their kins. We urged them to keep their cool, however, if anybody is flying such a kite to know the feelings of what will happen if Sunday Igboho is murdered in prison, I advise that such a person should have a rethink.
“I don’t think anyone is planning that except the enemies of this government. The only way this government can wash its hands off this evil intention, is to release Sunday Igboho now because they (FG) are the ones keeping him in prison and not the Benin Republic government.
“If anything should happen to Sunday Igboho, we will hold the Federal Government responsible.
“That is why we have been appealing to Yoruba youths not to take laws into their hands because we are optimistic that Sunday Igboho will be free and that the alleged plan to kill him is a mere rumour. I don’t see any threat to his life.”
During a podcast on Tuesday Olayomi Koiki, spokesman for Igboho, alleged that the Benin Republic President, Patrice Talon, was working with the Federal Government to extradite Igboho to Nigeria.
He said, “So many people have heard rumours in the past 24/48 hours. We know that God Almighty is watching.
“If they are trying, they cannot be successful. If they are planning evil against Prof. Banji Akintoye and others, they are only trying but God’s power is superior.
“The enemies are trying to eliminate him (Igboho). Their plan is to eliminate him so that the Yoruba Nation agenda will be silenced, but God has shown that he is above them.”


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