Rejoinder: ‘No Conflict Of Interest’ Serving As PTD Deputy Chair & As Govt Appointee, My Service In Union Exemplary- Comrade Dayyabu Garga Replies Critics


The Deputy National Chairman of Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD) Branch of Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), Comrade Dayyabu Garga, has stated that he did not break any law by combining his duties as a cabinet member under former Governor of Plateau State, Senator Simon Lalong (CON) with being an executive of the oil workers.


Garga said this in response to a social media tirade which he described not to be grounded in logic and being peddled by some sponsored and misguided elements “deluged on their delusional grandeur” adding that only fickle-minded lunatic minds will say running the two assignments simultaneously amounted to conflict of interest.


Garga said:


“The bye law of PTD was not in any way contravened, neither was the constitution of NUPENG desecrated. So, strictly speaking, no law is being violated here and I remain grateful to Senator Simon Lalong for giving me the opportunity to serve the people of Plateau State during his tenure in office as Governor. It was indeed a privilege for me to be called upon to serve my fatherland and I discharged my duties effectively and efficiently at record time.


“I have no regrets serving my State and PTD Branch of NUPENG simultaneously. There is no cause for any regret. I thank the Almighty Allah that he gave me that opportunity to serve on both sides without blemish. Similarly, it is worthy of note that I paid my dues and made many sacrifices in the interest of PTD-NUPENG, so my elevation to the position of Deputy National Chairman of PTD didn’t come by accident, it was a consequence for dedication, thoroughness, discipline, transparency and competence. I am bold to say my present position was attained based on merit and impeccable track records of many decades.

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“Therefore, the position of my critics in factional PTD was not grounded in logic, these sponsored and misguided elements are simply deluged on their delusional grandeur. It is also very clear that only fickle-minded lunatic minds will say running the two assignments simultaneously amounted to conflict of interest.


“The jaundiced views of these critics are untenable, ill-informed and consequently rejected. They are jittery and jealous about my rising profile which I have no apologies for, they are also not comfortable about my stout defence for PTD which I have been championing with other Comrades of integrity who meant well for the Union. These individuals also feel intimidated by my resolve for putting up unblemished projection for our great union and giving Tanker Drivers their place of pride by every standard. Without meaning to demean the critics, they are people fully aligned to opposition PTD and as well disguising as trade unionists.


“For the purpose of clarity, the purported election held in Ibadan last year and conducted by the General Secretary, Afolabi Olawale and others was a total nullity in the eye of the law and all the parties concerned are aware of this fact. Likewise, Comrade Lucky Osesua remains the National Chairman of PTD and that is the position of the law, the National Industrial Court was very clear about this. The pay masters of these delusional critics should also let them know that all those who contravened the Court orders are currently facing contempt charges and the consequences are very grievous.

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“I must further state unequivocally for the umpteenth time and tell these critics that by engaging in forum shopping, blackmail, contempt of Court and using sentiments to foist their illegal leadership on the Federal Government, Tanker Drivers and other stakeholders in the oil and gas industry is an effort in futility which cannot stand test of time. The Osesua’s PTD leadership, which emerged at the Delegates Conference in Abuja, which is also the venue prescribed by the Union’s convention, remains valid and legal. Therefore the illegal leadership in Ibadan which came on board after kangaroo election could not avail itself legitimacy by serially violating the sanctity of the legal provisions.”


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