R. Kelly sues U.S. prison officials for leaking his information

Disgraced RnB star, R. Kelly has filed a lawsuit against U.S federal prison officials for leaking some of his private info to an Internet blogger.


The imprisoned singer filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government, a handful of Bureau of Prisons workers, and blogger, Tasha K, all of whom, he claims, were in cahoots to publicize his private matters while he was in custody out in Chicago during his case there.


He claimed that three unnamed BOP officials at the prison he was being held at, accessed the internal system that documented what he was doing within their walls, including email correspondence, private calls, visitor logs, etc.


Kelly and his lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, believe the officials struck an agreement with Tasha K to supply her with Kelly’s personal info, which he suspects might’ve been done for cash.


The singer claimed the information Tasha who has a big YouTube following got, hurt his rep, invaded his privacy and caused him undue emotional distress.


He also claimed that the U.S. government was negligent in allowing its prison personnel to allegedly access and share this info and he’s asking for major damages.


Tasha has already addressed these claims, which Kelly publicly made well before this suit, and denied being mixed up in any illegal activity.


The claims Kelly is making here date back to 2019. Since being convicted in his Chicago case, he has been moved to a federal facility in North Carolina where he’s serving his lengthy sentence.

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Tasha K on the other hand, is the same woman Cardi B successfully sued for defamation.


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