Pastor Kumuyi Releases Prophecies For 2020

Pastor William Kumuyi, the general superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry on Sunday released 2020 prophecies for Christians in Nigeria and the African continent.

In a Sunday December 29 sermon which was transmitted from Gbagada Lagos to other centres across Nigeria and the African continent, Pastor Kumuyi said God promised that the year 2019 would be great but the incoming 2020 would be greater.

In the sermon titled “God’s gift of a Better Life for You,” the holiness preacher said there will be good and sound health for everyone in the coming year 2020.

In the sermon which Pastor Kumuyi said was necessary to end the year, he made prophetic pronouncements for Christians to make 2020 a great year for those who rely on God.

Among the prophetic pronouncements he made, he said: “You will climb all your mountains in 2020 and make progress. Better things are for you in 2020.

There will be promotion for all classes of people who believe in the Lord in 2020. The Lord will settle you. Whatever you are looking for, you will get it.

Every good thing you lost in 2019 you will recover them all in 2020. God is faithful. He cannot lie. When he says something it will be done.

There shall be no tears in 2020. God has provided better things for you. Your life in 2020 is going to be better than your life in 2019.

There were great testimonies in this outgoing year, but next year, you will surpass the testimonies of 2019. Every work of your hand will experience the grace of God.

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God will give you the spiritual dynamite you need to have your needed breakthrough in the year 2020. God will surprise you abundantly.

You will overcome all your challenges in 2020. The days of poverty are gone, the days of abundant life have come. In the New Year you will see Jesus, no more Satan and evil in your life.

Premature death is taken away from you. It will not take place in your life. The word of God has taken away premature death from your family.

This coming year, you will be where you are supposed to be. You will do all you have ever done all your years put together. Every need of your life will be supplied.

Do not panic in the coming year, your future is bright. The Lord will settle you. You will make speedy, irreversible progress in your life. But do not fold your hands, you must inquire at the mouth of the Lord to fulfill his promise.

But Pastor Kumuyi added that though God is willing to release these prophecies on his children, the recipients must of necessity offer themselves to God. In this wise, they must be Christians who have surrendered their lives to God.

Hence, he said: “As we give our lives to God, he will multiply his blessings upon our lives. In the New Year, we should offer more of our service to God. You will be surprised how God will bless you.

“If you are faithful to the Lord in 2019, be more faithful in 2020. Those who are not faithful in offering better gifts to God, they close the window of heaven against themselves. The first thing you should do is to give your heart to God. Then, better days await you.”



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