Over 4,000 Nigerians Brutally Killed In Tinubu’s First Year, Millions Plunged Into Poverty – Reports

At least 4000 Nigerians were killed unjustly during the first year of President Bola Tinubu’s tenure, a report prepared by global human rights body, the Amnesty International, has stated.


The report stated further that the economic policies implemented by Tinubu had pushed millions of the citizens into abject poverty and about 1,336 people were also killed in Plateau State within the period of three months.


The report reads: “Gunmen have been escalating deadly attacks on rural communities in Niger, Katsina, Sokoto, Plateau, Benue and Zamfara.


“Air strikes by the Nigerian army killed over 100 people in Kaduna State. The crime was covered up and there was no justice for the victims.


“Removal of fuel subsidy triggered unprecedented cost of living crisis that plunged millions of Nigerians into abject poverty. Those who protested high cost of food in Niger and Kano state were arrested by the police.


“Investigative journalist Fisayo Soyombo was subjected to a series of intimidation for uncovering corruption. Police used the Cyber Crimes Act to unlawfully detain journalists; Segun Olatunji, Daniel Ojukwu and Madu Onuorah.


“Over 4000 people have been killed over the last 12 months. In Plateau state alone, 1,336 people were killed in 3 months.


“Lagos, Enugu and FCT continue to carry out forced evictions without due process. Some of the forced evictions in Lagos were violent.


“Violence continued in the southeast, with frequent abductions, enforced disappearance and attacks on security personnel.


“Mass abductions targeting children continue to affect right to education in rural areas. On 24 May, over 160 people – mostly women and children were abducted by gunmen in Kuchi village Niger state.

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“Right to peaceful protest is continuously undermined, sometimes violently. In November last year, labour leaders were severely beaten by security personnel and hired thugs in Imo state – and prevented from peaceful assembly.


“An offer made by Nigeria’s industry regulator to fast-track approvals of sales by oil companies which accept responsibility for pollution will allow Shell to cut and run from the suffering related to its operations in the Niger Delta, which exposes local communities to human rights harms.


“About a dozen IMN supporters were killed and many injured in Kaduna by the police during peaceful protests,” the report added.


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