It was chronology in the making at Oshodi Arts Gallery on the 22nd of February 2022, as delegates from the guild of Nigeria dance practitioners (Lagos State chapter) graced the 2nd largest art collection centre in Africa (based in Ikorodu)
The press conference of a meeting aimed at bringing a synergy between dance, theatre and visualisation, saw the Guild, ably led by its chairman (Mrs Ugo Obiayo Esq) bring to fruition the official partnership between the prestigious Art centre and the dance guild, thereby creating a coexisting niche for creative talents from both expanses
With dancers from different genres also present, the conference via the Guild, clearly enlightened both parties involved on the need to collaborate, bridging the gap and creating more futuristic opportunities for upcoming talents, giving them a sense of belongings
Also symbolising empowerment for youths, event/project execution, sensitisation agendas and enhanced training, the coalition according to GONDP’s chairman, is a step in the right direction to cement numerous crafts in the entertainment sector
Mrs Ugo Obiayo Esq continued, “Ikorodu as a waterbed region in Lagos state, is well known to house a lot of creative talents and celebrities, this region is special to us, and for a while now, GONDP has been making plans to establish a branch here”
“Having this collaboration with a masterpiece like Oshodi Arts Gallery, also making the institution our headquarters in Ikorodu, there would be no better form of a partnership than this to spearhead our productive course”
“From this startup point, we shall be spreading our tentacles across the local council development areas, reaching out to young and vibrant individuals and given them a sense of belongings through this platform” Mrs Ugo expanded
In his complimentary speech post-conference, Dr Oshodi Paul (CEO Oshodi Arts Gallery) thanked the Guild for making the partnership a reality (and for also conferring him as the grand patron of GONDP Ikorodu branch), affirming his commitment and support towards the progression of the alliance
Dr Oshodi Seyi Paul stated, “As a visionary art practitioner, I’ve always envisaged the connectivity between Arts and visual displays, which creative experts doesn’t marry during production, this has puzzled me for a long time”
“That’s why when the chairman of the Guild of Nigeria Dance Practitioners approached me earlier on, I saw it as a perfect opportunity for that synergy to come to life“
“With this partnership, there is nothing we cannot achieve in the world of creativity, Arts, theatre and visual production. Oshodi Arts gallery, measuring up to international standard will ensure we amass sophisticated scopes as we cultivate more works from our stable”
“In areas of empowerment, the gallery will ensure that while dancing, we’ll also expose the youths to other areas we can broaden their skill-sets and develop their craft to make them a total package, such as building their traditional costumes, understanding the art of painting and so on” Dr Oshodi Paul asserted
Selected coordinators were subsequently appointed by the Guild’s Lagos boss as a form of interim leadership to kick off the agreement and set the Ikorodu agenda in motion
Mr Hamzat Barshan and Mr Omolade Dalmas were also in attendance, representing the Guild to prep newly appointed leaders and members on the principles, essence and direction of GONDP


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