One-year-old Pupil Dies After Being Flogged 31 Strokes Of Cane

A one-year-old baby in kindergarten identified as Obinna has died after his proprietor flogged him 31 strokes of cane.

Sahara Reporters earlier stated that the boy who is a pupil of Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School, Asaba, Delta State was flogged for playing with water and getting wet.

Obinna’s hands and legs were reportedly tied by the owner of the school and her son before flogging him into a coma.

The suspect and her son who were initially in police custody and release after an agreement with the victims family have been rearrested on Saturday after the death of the boy.

Attention was drawn to the incident by Ebenezer Omejalile, Chief Operating Officer of Advocates for Children and Vulnerable People’s Network, who called on the Ministry of Education’s Quality Assurance Department to monitor the actions of school owners.

He said: “With a heavy heart, we wish to inform the house that the one year seven months old baby finally gave up the ghost this morning.

“Meanwhile the proprietress’ family are still going about looking for who to bribe without considering what had happened to the minor.

“Now I agree that Nigeria is the worst place on earth to raise children. Imagine having unqualified persons to operate schools, employing unqualified teachers in the system.

“Our government should stop propagating and postulating laws that protects some sets of people and enabling monsters to operate mushroom schools.

“This is what you get when those that claim they know, suddenly turn deaf, blind and dumb to reality rather choosing to follow the path of jamborees and sycophancy.

“This is the time to roll out the big stick by evaluating the so calyl private schools across Nigeria by the Ministry of Education’s Quality Assurance Department.

“This is too much to bear, our government should make children their priority instead of making them guinea pigs in the laboratory of unqualified school operators.”


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