Ofada Boy Set to Hold 5th Edition of Ofada Rice Day in Partnership with LASG



In its drive to further create attention and tell the story of our brand of rice in an atmosphere of fun, merriment and great networking, the Leading Indigenous food vendor that focuses on outdoor and restaurant catering, Ofadaboy in partnership with Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture has announced December 3rd, 2023 for the 5th edition of Ofada Rice Day with the theme ofadabration at the Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, Lagos.
The event, which in the last four editions has played host to top brands, various A-list artists and some notable Nigerians across various industries has also empowered farmers, businesses, food vendors and individuals.
The 2023 edition with the theme Ofadabration depicts true African energy and converges Afro music, great food taste and cultural attire that is known and aligned within the Africa Sphere. This edition promises to bring to live arrays of activities that will create unforgettable experience for the audience. It is expect to have brands like Goldberg, Maltina, BetNaija and others.
Speaking at a briefing in Lagos, the Convener of the event and Chief Executive Officer- of Ofadaboy, Oluwatobi Fletcher disclosed that, the Ofada Rice Day Festival is an annual food festival organized by Ofadaboy brand, to lead the Ofada rice narrative and tell the story of this brand of rice to the world. It is a display of African taste and mix that depicts real cultural representation.
He added that, during the festival, participants are treated to various recipes of ofada rice and tastes from the ever-golden source of Iperu, shagamu, Lagos and Abeokuta.  Also, African tungba and bata drum and other side attractions are on display to add colour to the event.
The real experience of the festival is to create an in-road for Ofada rice to play competitively in the global space.
The maiden edition of the Ofada Rice Day Festival was hosted in October 2019, in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and some top brands, as part of activities to celebrate the year’s World Food Day. In attendance were some of the respected royal fathers and a host of celebrities from the creative and entertainment industry.
Mr. Fletcher, further revealed that this edition comes with a difference that will give all the stakeholders values in whatever capacity they play.

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In her remarks, Hon. Commissioner of Agriculture, Lagos State, Ms Abisola Olusanya, noted that Ofadaboy’ partnership with Lagos State Government is in line with promoting food provision and bringing to the light our natural food that contribute to healthy eating and there promoting healthy living.
She further stated that, the focus of the Lagos State Government is to promote, support an idea that will give the people desired excitement and networking which is also a reason the partnership with Ofada Rice Day Festival has been from the first edition and we hope to make bigger in the subsequent editions.
Afro Juju Masteroa, Sir Shina Peter, applauded OfadaBoy for his resilient spirit for holding the on from the first edition till now and pledged his full support and partnership to the Festival as the story and history of Ofada Rice is been propagated to the World stage.

The brand known for creating unique food variants, mixes and presentations has brought to the food and beverage industry an infusion of social and cultural tone to restaurant and outdoor catering. Ofadaboy is the only leading traditionally focused food vendor that cuts across the major cultures in Nigeria. Catering for all kinds of events in the social and corporate circles.
Sourcing materials and ingredients from markets in Lagos, Ogun and other parts of the country where the best natural food ingredients are found has not failed in making the output as natural as possible.
The company, driven by honesty, best practices and service delivery, manages an array of top clients and has also employed over 100 Nigerians in its few years of existence.
Ofadaboy brand is a truly African catering company that brings to bear unique taste to the satisfaction of Africans in a naturally designed environment.


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