Nigerian Students Demand Resignation Of Minister Of Power, Adelabu In Seven Days, Threatens Protest

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has demanded the immediate resignation of the Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, over the poor electricity situation in the country.


NANS further called on other ministers who they claimed are not active to step down from their positions, threatening to organise a protest at the Ministry of Power if the needful was not done within the next seven days.




The national student body issued a notice of protest at the Ministry of Power, saying that they stand united in their demand for effective leadership and would not rest until their voices were heard and the country’s future secured.


In a statement titled “Nigerian Student Call for Action: The Dormant Ministers and the Cry for Resignation”, signed by its President of the Senate, Akinteye Babatunde Afeez, NANS stated that “Adebayo Adelabu, a distinguished figure in finance circles, with credentials as an FCA and FCIB, brought with him a wealth of experience, having previously served as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).




“However, his appointment as Minister of Power raised eyebrows and sparked concerns among us. While his financial acumen may be commendable, his lack of expertise and understanding in the realm of power and electricity has become glaringly evident.


“Before his tenure, electricity in Nigeria, while not perfect, was more reliable compared to the current state. However, since Adelabu assumed office, there has been a noticeable decline in the availability of electricity. The once-frequent occurrence of power outages has become the norm, crippling businesses, disrupting daily life, and impeding the nation’s progress.”

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NANS further stated that it is not only Adelabu who has come under scrutiny, noting that “There are others across various sectors who seem to be occupying ministerial positions merely as figureheads, collecting allocations without making any meaningful contributions to their respective portfolios. This trend of inertia and complacency within the government is unacceptable and must be addressed urgently.




“As Nigerian students, we implore these dormant ministers, especially the Minister of Power, to do the honourable thing and resign from their positions if they are incapable of fulfilling their duties. It is a matter of common sense to recognise that citizens deserve access to 24-hour electricity, a basic necessity that underpins economic growth and development.


“A stable and reliable power supply is crucial for attracting foreign investors, stimulating industrialisation, and fostering job creation. Without adequate electricity, Nigeria’s potential will remain unrealised, and the aspirations of its people will continue to be thwarted.


“In recent times, the Nigerian populace has found itself in the grip of frustration and disillusionment with the lackluster performance of several government ministers, notably the Honorable Minister of Power, Adelabu Adebayo. As students of this nation, we cannot stand idly by as our country’s potential is squandered due to the incompetence and inaction of those entrusted with steering our nation towards progress.”


The student body also stated that the call for resignation is not rooted in animosity or personal vendettas; “rather, it stems from a genuine desire to see our nation thrive and prosper. Leadership comes with immense responsibility, and those who occupy positions of power must be held accountable for their actions, or lack thereof.”

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According to NANS, “It is worth noting that in the future, the same ministers who have been ineffective and clueless may harbour ambitions of higher office, such as running for governorship positions.




“How can someone who has failed to deliver as a minister aspire to govern an entire state? It is inconceivable that individuals who have demonstrated incompetence and ineptitude in their current roles would be fit to lead at a higher level.


“We acknowledge the huge challenge of affordability that will inflict on us students. The lack of electricity will not allow us to enjoy access to digital learning apparatuses like computers, phones, and fans. Additionally, many students may struggle to afford the consumption of electricity for basic needs.


“Moreover, universities are groaning under huge electricity bills that may also take a toll on learning. These challenges further underscore the urgency of addressing the current power crisis and the need for decisive action from our government ministers.


“In conclusion, the Nigerian government must heed the voices of its citizens and take decisive action to address the issue of dormant ministers.


“We urge Minister Adebayo and others like him to step aside gracefully if they are unable to meet the demands of their office. Only then can we pave the way for a brighter future for Nigeria, where competence, accountability, and progress reign supreme.”



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