Nigerian Governors Explain Why They Can’t Perform

Nigerian Governor’s Forum (NGF) led by Ekiti Governor, Kayode Fayemi, has explained why governors are not performing up to the required standard

Appearing as a special guest at the commissioning of the rehabilitated 2.7kilometers Bosso Estate roads network in Minna, Niger State, on Tuesday, August 3, Fayemi said the drop in allocation from the federation account has affected the performance of governors .

He said governors are now forced to perform with the little resources available to them as poor finances of states made it difficult to fulfill their election promises.

“These are challenging moments for us in our country. Governors are faced with limited resources,” Fayemi lamented . ”This is why we haven’t been performing as expected”

He praised the Niger governor for being “one of the most astute managers of limited resources at his disposal.”

Niger Governor Abubakar Bello tasked the NGF Chairman to take the financial challenges facing state governments to President Buhari.

“You are aware of the challenges we met in 2015, the price of crude oil has dropped, amount received from the federation account has reduced, whereas running cost has increased. Development of infrastructure has become more difficult for most state governments,” Bello said.


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