Nigeria: A Victim of Purloining Leaders Holding the Black Hole Sheet

The enemies of Nigeria: profound ignorance, blaming the nation for the failures of others, and scapegoating entire ethnic groups for the actions of a few individuals within them. Also, another true enemy of Nigeria is an unpatriotic spirit. It’s a president who disregards the constitution and citizens who break the law.

Nigeria’s existence is not a mistake; it is a result of God’s will. Our nation’s origin is no different from any other country. The diversity of our cultures should not be seen as a problem in itself. What truly matters is our collective willingness to coexist peacefully. This requires us to practice respect and empathy towards one another every day.

By embracing these values, we can work towards achieving our shared aspirations of unity, peace, and progress. Let us remember that our strength lies in our ability to come together, appreciate our differences, and build a harmonious society. Together, we can create a Nigeria that thrives on inclusivity, understanding, and mutual respect.

The black hole sheet our wicked leaders have laid upon the innocent citizens, sucking every path dry leading to poverty, insecurities and all sort of deadly diseases:

Poverty is not a tribe, it’s a test we can surpass,

Corruption knows no boundaries, we’ll build a world with class,

Disease does not discriminate, together we’ll find a cure,

Insecurity has no religion; our unity will endure.


Our enemies are faceless, but our spirit will not bend,

In times of suffering and strife, our strength will not pretend,

We’ll rise above the challenges, with courage, love, and grace,

Together, hand in hand, we’ll build a brighter, bolder place.

May NIGERIA Win Again

On this, pledge to Nigeria my Country. As opportunity comes to you, don’t allow greed rule you.

May All Our Purloining Leaders Get Consumed by the Black Hole in Nigeria.


Martha Zamani Musa is a political analyst and activist.


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