Nestlé Professional Empowers Local Food Vendors in Sokoto

Nestlé Professional, the Out of Home business arm of Nestlé Nigeria and a leading provider of food solutions, continued its initiative to boost the local economy among food vendors in Nigeria through the Business of Food workshop in Sokoto. Now in its 8th edition, this empowerment program has transformed and equipped over 1,900 food businesses across seven states with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their businesses and increase their income.

Canteens, grillers, Maishais, and bukas play an essential role in serving low-income communities in Nigeria, making this one of the fastest-growing sectors catering to the needs of Nigerian consumers. Despite their importance in providing daily nutrition to bustling urban areas, these food vendors often lack the necessary support to thrive. The aim of the empowerment program is to help them improve their businesses through networking, upskilling, and training on crucial aspects of the food industry, including culinary techniques, menu planning, customer engagement, and, most importantly, good hygiene practices.

Mrs. Funmi Osineye, Business Manager for Nestlé Professional in Nigeria, stated: “We are thrilled to bring this Business of Food workshop to Sokoto because we recognize that the business of food extends beyond preparing delicious meals. It involves a focus on nutrition, pricing, presentation, taste, and hygiene. Our goal is to support food vendors of all sizes by providing them with the knowledge and tools derived from our global insights and local experience. We are confident this will foster lasting change and growth within the local food vendor community, as witnessed in previous locations.”

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One of the highlights from the half-day training session was a masterclass by Chef Faridah on the preparation of Masa and Miyan Duka, a dish that embodies the essence of northern Nigerian culinary traditions, offering a taste of tradition, history, and community. The event also featured an exciting cooking competition where the teams— ‘Chicken’ and ‘Star’—competed to create the best jollof spaghetti dish.

Mrs. Osineye assured participants that Nestlé Professional remains committed to supporting the growth and success of food vendors in Nigeria. “We aim to make more possible by uplifting the local food industry, promoting entrepreneurship, and creating a positive impact in communities.”


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