Moyo Lawal Biography, Net Worth, Leaked Video, Age, Movies, Controversy

Moyo Lawal Biography, Moyo Lawal Net Worth, Moyo Lawal Leaked, Moyo Lawal Age, Moyo Lawal Movies, and Moyo Lawal Controversy.


Truetells Nigeria reports that Moyo Lawal is a Nigerian actress born in Badagry, Lagos State. In 2012, she won the “Revelation Of The Year” award at the Best Of Nollywood Awards.

In 2018, she was nominated for “Best Actress in a Lead Role – Yoruba.” Lawal was a housemate on the reality series “The Next Movie Star” in 2006.


Her primary, tertiary, and secondary school education happened in Lagos, Nigeria. Lawal obtained her BSc Degree in Creative Arts at the University of Lagos. She is famous for starring in the series Jenifa’s Diary, Tinsel, Binta and Friends, Flatmates, etc. She also starred in the Nollywood films Holding Hope, A Time To Heal, A Toast To Heartbreak, The Bridal Shower, Never Love A Prince and more.

Moyo Lawal Biography, Net Worth, Leaked Video, Age, Movies, Controversy


  • Stage Name: Moyo Lawal
  • Real Name: Moyo Lawal
  • Occupation: Actress, Entertainer, Entrepreneur
  • Date Of Birth/Age: January 1st, 1988 (35 Years Old)
  • Place of Birth: Badagry, Lagos State
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Net Worth: $$$

Moyo Lawal Biography

Moyo Lawal Biography, Sextape, Real Name, Age, Husband, Net Worth, pub-3010621105019820, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Moyo Lawal, a renowned Nigerian actress hailing from Badagry, Lagos State, boasts a remarkable career in the entertainment industry. In 2012, she achieved the coveted “Revelation Of The Year” accolade at the Best Of Nollywood Awards. Notably, in 2018, she garnered a nomination for “Best Actress in a Lead Role – Yoruba.”


Her educational journey unfolded entirely within Lagos, Nigeria, spanning her primary, tertiary, and secondary schooling. Lawal successfully earned her BSc Degree in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos. Her fame skyrocketed thanks to her notable roles in popular series such as “Jenifa’s Diary,” “Tinsel,” “Binta and Friends,” “Flatmates,” and more. Moreover, she left a lasting impression in the Nollywood film industry through her outstanding performances in movies like “Holding Hope,” “A Time To Heal,” “A Toast To Heartbreak,” “The Bridal Shower,” “Never Love A Prince,” among others.

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Moyo Lawal Family

Moyo Lawal has not said much about her family or her upbringing. She has only stated that she was born and raised in Badagry, but she has kept details about her family away from the public.

Moyo Lawal Siblings

Moyo is the first child of her parents. She has two younger siblings.


Her brother’s name is Mayowa Lawal.


Her sister’s name is Molade Lawal.

Moyo Lawal Leaked Video

Watch Moyo Lawal Leaked Viral Video TikTok & Twitter

The clip which is currently circulating on social media shows the actress making out with a hefty and bearded dark man.

Moyo Lawal in the clip lay on the bed while the man could be seen on top of her as they engaged in coitus. The clip which extended to over a minute captured the actress moaning out of pleasure as the man did the in-and-out thrusting movement.

The clip has generated a buzz online with netizens going gaga over the recent development.

Moyo Lawal Husband

Moyo Lawal Biography, Sextape, Real Name, Age, Husband, Net Worth

There is no available information regarding Moyo Lawal’s marital status. She has maintained a strict policy of privacy concerning her romantic life, keeping it well-guarded from the public eye. During an interview with Tribune online, she shared her perspective on celebrities who choose to make their relationships public, emphasizing that they should be prepared to face scrutiny and criticism. Furthermore, she openly discussed her stance on the topic of infidelity.

“I don’t consider my partner’s infidelity to be a significant issue,” Moyo remarked. “My only request is that they do not pretend to be overly virtuous or neglect their responsibilities. If infidelity occurs, it should be done discreetly and with the use of protection.” When the interviewer complimented her on her beauty and questioned her single status, Moyo humorously responded, “Let’s leave that to God, please. Am I beautiful? Well, thank you very much.”

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Moyo Lawal Networth

Moyo Lawal’s net worth remains undisclosed to the public, as she has chosen to keep this information private.

Moyo Lawal Movies

  • Holding Hope
  • A Time To Heal
  • A Toast To Heartbreak
  • Emem and Angie
  • Madam’s PA
  • Tangled Web
  • Millenium Parent
  • Desperate Baby Mama
  • Parents’ Guard
  • The Bridal Shower
  • Big Gals on Campus
  • Cloud of Pain
  • Mistresses
  • Never Love a Prince
  • Thanks For Coming
  • Judas game

Television Series;

  • Binta and Friends
  • Flatmates
  • Jenifa’s Diary
  • Super Story
  • Edge of Paradise
  • Shallow Waters
  • Eldorado
  • Tinsel


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