More Nigerian Teenagers Diagnosed With Depression, Other Mental Health Problems – Yaba Psychologist Confirms

There seem to be rising cases of mental health issues among Nigerian teenagers seeking medical help.


A Clinical Psychologist at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, Dr. Akin Gabriel, on Wednesday, disclosed that more Nigerians with an average age of 16 were seeking medical assistance for mental health problems.


Akin told the News Agency of Nigeria that there has been a noticeable rise in the number of young individuals with mental health challenges, who are now seeking medical help.


According to him, the surge was caused by the growing awareness among people about their mental health. Consequently, such individuals are increasingly inclined to seek assistance when they recognise the need for it.


“More young people are presenting at the hospital. We’re having more of that.


“Young people within 16 are coming to the hospital with complaints that could be eventually diagnosed as depression or anxiety disorders,” he said.


He said the generation now is quite informed and has a lot of information on their hands.


“They are looking for that extra that will help them manage the information they have to help them out of their situation,” he said.


The medical practitioner warned against judgmental statements or behaviours toward individuals perceived to act out of normal and cautioned against the use of alcohol and other substances in coping with feelings such as low mood, which could be linked to depression.

He said that resorting to alcohol and substance use to feel better or elevate one’s mood could complicate the issue.

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“It is just for a short while; after the substance has cleared from the system, they require another one.


“That is where the cycle of addiction starts,” he said.


He appealed to individuals who experienced signs and symptoms associated with mental ailments to seek medical help immediately.


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