Man Who Witnessed Seun Kuti’s Assault On Police Officer Speaks (Video)

A Nigerian man who claims to have been at the scene where singer Seun Kuti assaulted a police officer on Third mainland bridge, has said that he is ready to speak if he’s summoned.


In a video he recorded, the man stated that Seun slapping and pushing the police officer was extreme. He also praised the officer for restraining him, stating that if it were him, he would have fought Seun back.


‘’If police call me I will give them the full detail. I am a living witness. Na me dey drive behind the guy that videoed the incident. You see this policeman, make una give am him flower. If you dey there, as a civilian wey you be, you can’t take it but this man take am. Get it straight, I don’t like police. We don’t like police because of how the police manhandles us civilians. They manhandle us, They treat us like hooligans. They treat us without respect. That is why we don’t like police but ehn, e nor go mean say we go come go to the extent of…….Kuti nor even slap this guy alone oo…Seun Kuti manhandle this ppolice officer. As a civilian I nor fit take am, I swear to God if Seun do this thing to me, my last blood go die there”

He dismissed claims that Seun Kuti’s family was under threat, and further pushed for the Afrobeat singer’s arrest.

‘’If police nor arrest Seun Kuti charge am to court, una go see more of this because I go slap police officer tooo and if them say them wan arrest me, I go show them this video”he said

Watch the video of the man speaking below…



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