Letter: The past of the present hero shall never be in vain in 2023

Ibrahim Taofeek Kegbegbe

Nigeria has gone beyond a country whose political prowess will always be determined by one elderly statesman. Enough is enough!…….

In case of any necessity in the nearest future, I am Ibrahim Taofeek Kegbegbe. I am a student of intellectual promise. I am a student whose intellectualism has started becoming a reality through the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba.

As a young journalist whose major interest is “patriotism”, I need to tell the masses that the past of each of the political parties’ candidates has to be studied for their present to be logically understood for their future to be accurately predicted. Who has a passion for the future of other Nigerians among the candidates?


Well, as a youthful researcher whose journalistic experiences are still young, I have decided to use imagery to convey my messages so that a mature and sensitive reader goes far beyond mere pleasure in the interpretation of my words. I know you will give response to the hidden significance, won’t you?


“All blame and complaints go to the driver, who seemed to be nothing rather than a drover. He has been asked to bring out the journey file from the archive to know his aim and the success achieved so far, after many passengers had sung a song of ballad with prayer from the people in the corner seat which looks like abbey.
They don’t know that the driver is a Struggling Comforter, having thought the bus was still fit in its sixties. No supper, no breakfast, no lunch, they have just been subsisting with a little brunch.
They come down hurriedly in the beach near the desert, looking for something to eat like dessert. All they can see, however, at the back seat are what they have been looking forward to see. Many so-called professors cannot realize and many psychologists cannot visualize.” This is an excerpt from one of my works.


If it is true that the economic situation of the world is moribund! Are the complainers and their supporters the cause or the blamed driver and his supporters?


“Why! Why!! Why!!! Mr. Peace among the animals has gone, neither by any stabbing weapon nor by gun. The murderer has to be traced to be caught! After much torture, he should be taken to court.
The dogs are weeping and ready to bark just for Mr. Peace to be back. Even if he has money in bales, they can never be used for him to be bailed.
Looking forward, I saw Mr. Peace’s sons; his daughters all in sun crying for their father to rise while unconcerned fanatics are fighting for rice.
If the murderer is found, he should be locked in the cell; this complainer is going to market to sell.” This is an excerpt from one of my works.

The biased attitude of the past driver and his supporters who are looking for the murderer of Mr Peace is highly suspicious! Are they really serious to get the murderer with this ambivalent altitude of theirs?


I have been trying not to go out of my creativity because all my amiable lecturers do always warn us, the students, against plagiarism.


So, as my words are advisedly used for highly philosophical and logical thinking interpreters, I think Nigerians are in a state of dilemma at the moment if they had studied the past to understand the present and predict the future of the bigger personalities among the candidates.


Moreover, Nigeria has gone beyond a country whose political prowess will always be determined by one elderly statesman. Enough is enough! Let us study their past to understand their present in order to predict how bright our future could be by ourselves! Our future lies in our hands. Sirs, let us use our (PVC) permanent voter’s card to determine our future. My brothers and sisters! Please, don’t take part in political violence or thuggery. Don’t ever think of snatching ballot box. If you died through the process of nefarious activities on the day of election, you would never be addressed or given a monument as a martyr.

So, on the day of the election, vote and make sure your vote counts without violence. Are politicians worth dying for?

To give the answer to your thought about me, I can see someone asking what is his past; his present and how could we predict his future as a writer! I think with this write-up of mine, you should be able to trace the past; the present and the future of the bigger candidates and mine as well.

However, you can check my past at the office of the West African Examination Council (WAEC), Ogba. You can ask about my present at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba. If they are not worth emulating, you can then take the case to Area “G”, Ogba.

(A student of Nigerian Institute of Journalism)
08024248696, ibrahimtaofeekkegbegbe@gmail.com


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