Lady Who Invested Family’s Money Commits Suicide As Chinmark Group Ponzi Scheme Collapses

One of the victims of a crash Ponzi scheme, Chinmark Group, who invested millions of naira without her husband’s knowledge has reportedly committed suicide. 


Truetells Nigeria reports that this came after the whereabouts of the owner, Marksman Chinedu Ijeomah, became unknown leaving many of its investors suicidal and some others in deep depression.


Nuella, according to the Dailypost, was on the verge of committing suicide last week.


She was, however, later rescued and taken to the hospital, with Mr. Charles Awuzie, a verified Facebook account posting her account details and soliciting assistance for her.


However, the victim did not make it and has now departed the mother earth.


In a post on his page on Monday night, Awuzie wrote:


“Nuella – the lady who invested her family’s money with you and attempted su’icide last month because of you..


“Well, she couldn’t handle the disappointment and she left the world today.


“I did my best to avoid a possible Chinmark bloodshed…


“I was called names, defamed and dragged for trying to stop bloodshed… The court and the blood of those I tried to save will vindicate me at the right time.


“As I type this, there are more women in my inbox telling me that they may not make it…


“Nothing has broken me like the death of Nuella..


“I didn’t know much about her until I learnt about her attempted su’icide… She was so selfless that she wanted to give my gift to her to Chinmark victims who are in more need. It was because of her that I squeezed out more funds to support pregnant victims. No woman has challenged my conscience like Nuella did in the few moments I engaged with her.

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“Chinmark, you have caused an irredeemable loss.


“You have broken the hearts that trusted you.


“You have drank the blood of the poor.


“Dear Red king, you have been stained with red blood. Is this a coincidence?


“My heart is broken….


“But this is the end of Ponzi schemes in Nigeria.


“At this point, we will activate every tool available to us to bring those who killed Nuella to justice.


“Rest in Peace Nuella. There will be no peace for those who killed you.”


According to reports, ever since the scheme crashed, many victims have been flooding the Enugu office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.


However, the anti-graft agency is yet to take notable action on the matter.




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