By Izunna Olisa
Onitsha, Anambra State

I watched a viral video where Mrs. Josephine Anenih, a well known APGA apologist and Gov. Obiano’s “Special Assistant” on PDP matters, as usual, made hypocrisy her stock in trade. In the video, she made a hilarious attempt to justify the disenchantment of elected PDP Delegates and their unlawful substitution with the so called super Delegates. Very shameful indeed!

Her confirmation of the use of super Delegates in their factional primary election at the Dora Akunyili Women Development Center, Awka, did not shock me because since the beginning of Obiano’s administration, she had metamorphosed into an unscrupulous merchant, serially betraying the visions and aspirations of the party in the state for selfish reasons.

Her merchandising was extended to the factional primary election, where she and her ilk adopted the scam called super Delegates, just to defraud the ignorant aspirants who were blinded by desperate ambitions of emerging as the party’s flagbearer at all costs. The fraudulent intent and the desperate ambitions did not and can never justify the brazen resort to the illegality of super Delegates in preference for duly elected and court certified Delegates. Mrs. Anenih knew she was talking off mark.

In nearly eight years of Gov. Willie Obiano’s administration, Mrs. Anenih should please tell the public what various things she ever did to reposition PDP in the state, to make it ready and prepared to win elections, other than fraternize with the APGA administration to sabotage every meaningful move made by loyal party faithfuls to reposition and strengthen the party in the state. How did she suddenly discover her love for PDP?

Her hollow speech in the viral video is a heartless continuation of the scam, this time to hoodwink the aspirants who were defrauded of millions of Naira in the name of securing the votes of the so called super Delegates. It is a wicked ploy to give false hope to the aspirants to believe something good can still come out of their illegal gathering at the Dora Akunyili Women Development Center. Mrs. Anenih and her group know in their hearts that the only lawful PDP primary election was conducted on June 26, 2021, at St Paul University playground, Awka and it produced Senator Ugochukwu Uba as the authentic candidate of the party for the November 6 Anambra governorship election.

After working for Gov. Obiano for eight years and collecting millions of Naira, both in cash and in contracts, including a Jeep, she cannot continue to insult the collective intelligence of loyal PDP members in the state. She is only acting out the script of her paymasters, which is to keep PDP divided and in confusion.

No true PDP member in the state is listening to her because she is not a role model in the party but a well known stooge of Gov. Obiano, who has earned for herself the deserving title of Special Assistant to the governor on PDP matters.

We have had enough of these offending pretences. It is very annoying to see well known jobbers of other parties pretending during elections to be loyal to the PDP, when they are indeed working for the APGA administration, that put them on payrolls since eight years.

I had the same premonition when I listened to Sen. Ben Obi’s sanctimonious balderdash, shortly after their ridiculous gathering at the Dora Akunyili Women Development Center. I sympathized with this great party, that has two-faced betrayers in its ranks. Unscrupulous hypocrites who have one leg in the PDP and the other leg and the rest of their bodies in APGA. The contributions of the Obiano administration to Sen. Obi’s building project in Awka and the tarring of its access road are open secrets. He is one of the chief problems of the party at this time and he should desist from assaulting our sensibilities with his arrogant rendition of being a Board of Trustees member.

When he said that the BOT members are the conscience of the party, I laughed. He and BOT members like Josephine Anenih are rather the nemesis of the party. Men and women without honour, who could not resist APGA’s Greek gifts. They work with APGA to destabilize PDP and gather together to appoint a neophyte as the party’s flagbearer, in order to prepare grounds for APGA to thrash PDP in the forthcoming election.

The comments of these two APGA surrogates are miles apart from the wise counsel of Sen. Joy Emodi, another BOT member from the state, whose loyalty to the party had never been in doubt. She spoke with wisdom and her call for reconciliation marked her out as a matured party elder, who is genuinely interested in the affairs of the party.

I agree with Sen. Emodi to some extent, “that the Supreme Court has ruled that the party has final say in the conduct of party primaries.” However, it should be understood that the Supreme Court’s ruling is not a license for lawlessness.

The party having final say in the conduct of its primaries does not mean a free rein for the party to break rules. The apex Court’s ruling did not intend to license the PDP to act above the laws of the land, to break its own Constitution, break its own guidelines, break electoral laws and processes and disobey court orders. This is rascality, the forerunner of lawlessness. The party should have final say in its primaries when it abides with due process. When it breaks its own laws, breaks electoral laws, disobeys court orders and judgements, it loses the right of final say, but rather invites the court to come and act as arbiter, with the final say.

Izunna Olisa

Source: Daily News Reporters


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