John Maxwell, Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, others to Speak At GtextHokes Global Brokers Conference

In its quest in bridging the wide unemployment gap in Nigeria, one of Nigeria’s leading real estate firms, Gtexthomes has unveiled a multimillion naira Global Property Brokers Conference, scheduled to hold May 1, 2021.
The conference is positioned to empower thousands of youths across the country and beyond.
Speaking recently at the unveiling of the conference recently in Lagos, GtextHomes Boss, Dr. Stephen Akintayo, noted that the firm is bent on not only providing affordable housing units and secured landed properties but also providing opportunities for young Nigerian within the real estate chain as a rescue strategy from unemployment.
He said: “We have already taking 100,000 and between last year and now we are already have over 5,000 people in the program, now this conference will also empower another 12,000 people if all of them join our program, so we are looking at about another 15,000 people being empowered through what we are doing so we are getting close because our goal is 100,000 for 5years that we can say through our program are now able to become broker. So in terms of unemployment that is why we made the event open, so other companies can plug in the system so as to reduce unemployment, so yea it definitely will force down the unemployment rate.
“As private sector we have to find a way to create jobs. Last year,  we announced that we creating a platform to help employ 100,000 people in the real estate sector and we are committing 15 per cent of our income into that and you saw when we launch the GCP program, this is the follow up to that where we said can we bring the best in the world, Ryan Serhant is the number one property broker in the world, he is based in New York, he is done over 4billion dollars in property sales, every year he sells more than one billion dollar worth of property.
“You do not need money to become a broker all you need is your credibility, social media, your connections, your network and you don’t even need to quit your existing job to do that, and if you look at one of the best things God has endowed us with is real estate. We hope that this movement will help to reduce unemployment in this country, it will solve issues of security as more people can learn to know they can make it legitimately, we hope that at this conference, we also having Dr John Maxwell, a leadership coach all over the world, he will be able to bring that leadership perspective, because everything rise and fall on leadership issue, as we can see in Nigeria we are having a leadership crisis”.
The Business Development Manager, GtextHomes, Mr. Richard Osakue, said the conference will be opened to both local and international participants across the world. He added that the event will be streamed live and adequate preparations for physical appearances.
“The conference will be held at Landmark event centre, and the conference is both open locally and globally because we have 10,000 people watching live, they can register on, and 2,000 people in physical attendance, the program will be starting around 10am. The conference is to show how you can get into the real estate business and become a broker, Ryan Serhant is known globally, so we want to show the Nigerian audience, broker and the global brokers for those that want to go into the brokers business, how can also become an international broker meaning, what are those things you need to know, what are those things you need to learn, what are those secrets, what are those strategies, what are those process to become an international broker, so there is something they do there we are yet to do, so this is an event for those who are willing, it’s free for everyone but you need to register and follow the instructions, select if you want to come physically or join online” he said.


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