How To Get A Twitter Blue Verified Badge From Nigeria

How To Get A Twitter Blue Verified Badge From Nigeria.
Twitter’s blue tick, also known as the verified badge, is a coveted symbol of status and credibility for many users on the platform. It was formerly only awarded to accounts that have been deemed authentic and of public interest by Twitter, and it helps to establish trust between the account owner and their followers. However, Twitter has started rolling out its revamped subscription service that allows anyone to pay for a verification badge. Here are steps on how to get your account verified via the subscription service paying from Nigeria.

Step 1:
Meet Twitter’s Verification Requirements.

Before you can apply for a blue tick, you must ensure that your Twitter account meets the platform’s verification requirements. Twitter’s verification criteria vary depending on the account type, but the following are some general requirements for a blue tick:

Your account must be active, complete, and public.
You must have a profile picture, a header image, a bio, and a website link (if applicable).
Your account must have been active for at least six months.
You must have a confirmed email address and phone number associated with your account.
Your tweets must comply with Twitter’s terms of service and community guidelines.
Your account must have a history of regular and significant engagement with your followers.

Step 2:
Check if the benefits are worth the cost or not

Once you have confirmed that your account meets Twitter’s verification requirements, you can apply for verification.
Login to twitter on app, Click on the Twitter Blue option on the menu list, you get to see twitter blue benefits which includes, but are not limited to longer tweets, edit tweet option, bookmark folders, NFT profile pictures, fewer ads, ranking boasts etc.

Step 3:
Proceed to Payment

As much as payment amount varies by country, Payment from Nigeria is 11.00 USD (if paying monthly) or 114.99 USD (if paying yearly at a 12% discount). Pricing information by country can be found on twitter’s pricing page here.

Since I found it difficult to pay with my debit cards, I opted for the Cardify africa’s virtual dollar card at the rate of 760N/$ on, I was able to fund my existing cardify card with 89,034 naira totalling 117.15 USD. Also note that you can fund your virtual cards to pay for several online bills with USDT and other stablecoins with them.

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I entered my virtual card details on the checkout form on twitter. The payment was accepted immediately on twitter ad and I got the prompt that the verification will become active as soon as it gets reviewed, after three working days, I got the verified tick on my twitter account., pub-3010621105019820, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0




How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2023: Behind The Blue Checkmark

A quick history of Twitter verification

Initially, the blue badge next to someone’s profile was described by Twitter as a way to authenticate identity and voice. Twitter’s verification process was open to anybody, and if they could prove their identity and noteworthiness, they might get that elusive blue check mark.

Over time, people assumed the verification meant that Twitter was endorsing a certain profile, which wasn’t the case.

In 2017, Twitter paused its verification program altogether while it sorted out how to improve it. This project got deprioritized until late 2020, when Twitter reopened the conversation about account verification. In 2021, they opened up applications for anyone to request Twitter verification regardless of follower count.

A year later, in late 2022, after Elon Musk acquired the social network, the company changed how they do verification entirely. Now, anyone can be verified on Twitter if they use the company’s subscription service, Twitter Blue, and verify their phone number. This new program hit some snags in the early days, with some users using the tool to impersonate public figures and other influential individuals on social media. Still, Twitter has seemingly ironed out some of the troubles with impersonation and fake accounts, and the public is now aware that the verification badge can be associated with any account (not only notable ones), so the check mark’s perception has changed. We’ll get into that later. Next up, how do you actually get verified on Twitter?

How to get verified on Twitter in 2023

Although anyone can get the checkmark with Twitter Blue there are still several steps you need to follow to become a verified Twitter account.

1. You must be actively subscribed to Twitter Blue

To get Twitter Blue, simply click on the button for Twitter Blue once you’re logged in. On web, it will be in the left-side menu, and on mobile it will be under your profile.

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You can select to pay annually (for a discount) or monthly. The price of Twitter Blue depends on a few things.

According to Twitter:

  • Twitter Blue subscribers who joined for $7.99 on iOS will be notified by Apple that their subscription will be automatically renewed for $11/month or $114.99/year (or your local pricing) unless they choose to cancel their subscription.
  • Those who initially subscribed on iOS for $2.99 or $4.99/month will need to upgrade their subscription for $8/month or $84/year on web, or $11/month or $114.99/year on iOS (or the local pricing), or lose their subscription.

2. Your profile must be complete with a display name and profile photo

Next, you need to make sure your profile is eligible for Twitter’s verification even after subscribing to Twitter Blue by having up-to-date and accurate account information.

Use your full name as your display name, and select a profile image so that it’s clear that your Twitter profile is being used.

3. Your account must be active

Twitter’s rules say they look for active accounts when verifying, so make sure your account has been active (posting, replying, liking) in the last 30 days.

4. Your account must be older than 90 days and have a confirmed phone number

Twitter has added a time element, so accounts must be over 90 days old to be verified. They also need to have a confirmed phone number — without this there is no way to get verified even with Twitter blue.

5. Your account must be non-deceptive

Finally, your account must be non-deceptive. Twitter asks that you not have recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or handle. They will look to see if accounts have been misleading or deceptive on Twitter, and they also look for signs that an account is engaging in platform manipulation or spam — if they deem that an account is deceptive it will not get verified.

After you apply: There is still a review process where Twitter’s team determines your eligibility based on the above list before the blue checkmark will appear on your profile.

These are all fairly straightforward requirements — as long as you can meet them, you can get verified on Twitter.

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How do you know if someone was verified because of Twitter Blue?

Now that anyone can be verified, Twitter users might not be sure how to know if someone was verified because it was a notable account or because they paid for Twitter Blue. Twitter has made this very easy — all you have to do is click on the blue checkmark next to someone’s name (below their profile picture) to see if they are a legacy verified account (verified before late 2022) or verified because they subscribe to Twitter Blue. It works the same way on the web as in the Twitter app.

Here’s what both of those look like:

Is it still worth it to get verified on Twitter?

Whether or not it is worth being verified or paying for Twitter Blue is up for much debate, and other social media platforms are getting in the mix with Meta announcing Meta Verified, their own subscription service for a verified badge on Instagram.

Ultimately, choosing to pay for that check mark is completely up to you.

On the one hand, being verified on Twitter has lost its special touch because anyone can have it, so it’s no longer as much of a big deal as it used to be (I called my sister when I was verified!). On the other hand, being verified on Twitter is still a way to make your profile distinct, verify yourself as a real person, and make it clear that you’re serious about engaging and creating content on Twitter.

For some, Twitter Blue might be worthwhile on its own for the features it provides. Twitter is constantly iterating on their subscription, but Twitter Blue subscribers can currently organize their bookmarks into categories and post longer videos, among other things. Twitter has already announced that Twitter Blue subscribers will soon see 50 percent fewer ads and — this is the big one — have their tweets prioritized in Twitter’s algorithm. If Twitter is a key platform for your business or audience, then it could be worthwhile to subscribe to Twitter Blue to bolster your Twitter marketing efforts.


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