How Tinubu’s government will face industrial crises for unresolved agreements

The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero [Vanguard], pub-3010621105019820, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

In a recent interview on the Channels TV programme, Politics Today, Ajaero conveyed his pity for the incoming administration, highlighting the numerous unresolved industrial challenges left unattended by the previous government.

He noted that despite the efforts of President Buhari, they were insufficient to meet the needs of Nigerian workers, leading to potential spillover effects on the upcoming administration.

The NLC President specifically pointed out the failed agreements with lecturers, doctors, and the power sector as potential sources of looming industrial crises. He emphasized that the outgoing government did not conclusively address most of the industrial disputes it faced.


Addressing the pending issues, Ajaero stated, “The agreement signed with doctors was not implemented and is now waiting for the incoming government. The ASUU issue remains unresolved and awaits the incoming government’s attention.

“Hardly any agreement was conclusively decided and exhausted, and that is why I pity the incoming administration. A lot of industrial crises seem to be looming.”

When asked about possible solutions to avert strike actions, Ajaero emphasized the importance of allowing competent technocrats to handle the sectors in question. He stressed that the implementation of agreements played a pivotal role in resolving the current crises.

Ajaero stated, “The best way to proceed is to sit down and study the situation. If this is done, they will be able to address the issues one by one. It would benefit them greatly if they bring in proper technocrats to handle these sectors.

“Trade unions and their leaders are not unreasonable. If the new government listens and has the right calibre of people to address these issues, they can be resolved. However, the major problem lies in the implementation, where agreements made years ago are left unfulfilled.”


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