Green Africa Airways Denies Boarding To Osun Governor’s Aide In Wheelchair, Cites Disability Issues

Olanrewaju Oladosu, Special Assistant to the Governor of Osun State on Disability Matters, has accused Green Africa Airways Limited of discriminatory practices after being denied boarding on a flight from Akure to Abuja because he was in a wheelchair.



Speaking out against the airline’s policy in a video, Oladosu recounted the ordeal he faced on June 26.


He said: “I went to board Green Africa Airways from Akure, Osun State to Abuja for a programme for persons with disabilities, but the problem I encountered is that Green Africa Airways Limited management told me that they cannot carry me because of my wheelchair.”

Despite Nigeria’s national disability law mandating accessibility in transport services, Oladosu expressed disbelief at Green Africa Airways’ refusal to accommodate him.

“We had to struggle with them, citing that our former president, Muhammadu Buhari, has approved the national disability law, making accessibility paramount for all transport or airline services,” he said.


He further questioned the airline’s decision, saying, “I tried to explain to them why they allowed me to book their flight when they knew they couldn’t take me with my condition.”

The ticket, arranged by the NGO organising the programme, assured him of wheelchair accessibility, which turned out to be untrue.


Reflecting on the incident, Oladosu shared his emotional turmoil, saying he was forced to purchase another ticket with Overland Airline due to Green Africa Airways’ refusal.

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“The day the incident happened, I was so depressed, but we thank God I later booked Overland Airline that took me to Abuja for the programme,” he said.


“The attitude of Green Africa Airways Limited is not friendly. It’s not just because they said they cannot take wheelchairs; it’s also evident in how they treat persons with disabilities,” Oladosu criticised the airline, highlighting what he perceives as a broader issue of insensitivity towards persons with disabilities.


Green Africa Airways Limited did not respond to calls and text messages sent requesting for comment on the allegations.


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