Matthias Ayodeji Peter

Governor Yahaya Bello has been at the helm of affairs in Kogi State, Nigeria, since 2016, and his tenure has been marked by transformative achievements across various sectors. His leadership has focused on improving the lives of the people both in the state and Nigeria at large.

The Governor began by addressing longstanding challenges of civil servants’s screening that saved the state over twenty billion Naira a month.

With the support of expertise appointed to handle the screening, financial loopholes were successfully blocked and the state now generates monthly revenue in billions of naira.

As the governor wines up gradually to hand over to the next governor, it is essential to examine key areas of his achievements.

First, Infrastructure Development: Before the advent of Governor Yahaya Bello, The state suffered setbacks, The government inherited a significant backlog of non-payment of salaries, a dirty environment with hips of refuse, poor maintenance of roads and inadequate public facilities and many more.

Governor Bello under his watch, approached every challenge head-on.

Notable among them is the first-ever Ganaja Flyover Bridge in Lokoja. The bridge has alleviated traffic congestion and enhanced movement of goods, products and commuters from one place to another across Nigeria.

Many roads cut across the three senatorial districts were repaired and new ones were constructed few of the roads are ejule imomi ajaka, Okene Township Roads and Kabba Township Roads.

Other achievements are the construction of a reference hospital in Okene, a model hospital in Gegu, Kogi West, and Ekanyin, in the Ajaokuta Local government area and a teaching hospital in Prince Abubakar Audu University Teaching Hospital.

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A significant achievement has been the establishment of the Kogi State Health Insurance Scheme under the Bello Care Program. This initiative has opened up both the rich and the poor to have equal access to quality healthcare, particularly in rural areas where healthcare services were previously limited.

To the vulnerable and the poor, accessing timely health care with prescribed drugs at the right time was made free by Governor Bello’s administration.

Education is a cornerstone of human development, and Governor Bello’s administration has initiated a series of education reforms to improve the quality of education in Kogi State. This includes the renovation and construction of school infrastructure, ensuring that students have access to conducive learning environments.
The government has also implemented policies to provide free and quality education for primary and secondary school students.

Construction of GYB model Science School across the three senatorial zones. One among them is GYB Model Science School, Adankolo.

The establishment of two tertiary institutions(Confluence University of Science and Technology Osara and Kogi State University Kabba), further shows the commitment of the government on education.

Another giant strides were recorded in area of agriculture through its Revolution with modern equipment.

In every society, Agriculture is a crucial sector that people don’t joke with because food is vital in human daily life, No wonder, every support is channelled towards it to build a healthy and strong society.

Bello’s administration in his first tenure declared a state of emergency in the agriculture sector, This was treated with utmost priority and encouraged even appointees and civil servants to farm for revenue generation or to earn extra from the produce they sell.

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To encourage more farmers, the government implemented various agricultural programs, including the distribution of improved seedlings and fertilizers to farmers. These efforts have ensured food security and created job opportunities, particularly for young people.


On job creation, and youth Empowerment.
Governor Bello’s administration has been committed to empowering young people. Recognizing the youth as a vital force for development, various programs have been introduced to equip them with skills and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Skill acquisition and entrepreneurship training programs have been instrumental in empowering young individuals to become self-reliant and create their businesses.
In addition to these programs, the government has actively supported youth-led initiatives and start-ups, providing funding and mentorship.


On security, This is another giant stride that has earned Governor Bello many awards both national and international.

Before he emerged as the Governor, Kogi was rated among the worst state with security insurgency.

Various security challenges were recorded that have affected the peace and stability of the state and also left many dead as a result of communal clashes.

However, Governor Bello’s administration has placed a high priority on security and has taken proactive measures with the acquisition of modern technology to fight insecurity.

As a result,  Investments and investors have tremendously improved in the state.

Transparency and Accountability have become the present administration’s watchwords

Governor Bello’s administration has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and accountability in governance. Financial reforms have been implemented to enhance transparency in revenue collection and expenditure. The adoption of digital technologies in government operations has also contributed to transparency and efficiency. Citizens can access information about government projects, budgets, and expenditures through online portals, fostering a culture of openness and accountability in governance.

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In conclusion, Governor Yahaya Bello’s tenure as the governor of Kogi State, Nigeria, has been characterized by remarkable achievements across various sectors. His administration’s commitment to infrastructure development, healthcare transformation, agricultural revolution, youth empowerment, security, education reforms, and governance transparency has significantly impacted the state’s progress and development.
While challenges persist, Governor Bello’s leadership has laid a solid foundation for Kogi State to continue on a path of sustained growth and prosperity. His achievements reflect a genuine commitment to improving the lives of the state’s residents and positioning Kogi State as a model for development in Nigeria.

Therefore, the APC Governorship candidate Usman Ahmed Ododo having worked closely with Governor Yahaya bello for the past seven years  to achieve the aforementioned Developmental strides, it is safe to say Kogi State will be in good and capable hands with his emergence Usman to Consolidate the works and efforts of Yahaya bello in Kogi state.



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