Ade is a hardworking father in Lagos. Recently, fate dealt him a heavy blow when his
young son, Tunde, fell scarily ill. Tunde’s illness struck suddenly, sending shockwaves
through Ade’s world. As he watched his son grow weaker on a hospital bed with each
passing hour, Ade felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness. The medical bills
pushed to him only added to his despair, threatening to drown him.

Ade found himself grappling not only with the fear of losing his beloved son but also with
the burden of financial strain.

Desperate, Ade turned to FirstAdvance, a lifeline in his time of need. With its swift and
convenient loan service, Ade was able to access the funds he so desperately required
to pay for Tunde’s medical bills. Amid his darkest hour, FirstAdvance offered that lifeline, the ray of light that pierced through his despair.

Slowly but surely, Tunde improved; his emaciated body grew stronger with each passing
day. And as he watched his son’s health gradually return, Ade knew that FirstAdvance
had not only helped save Tunde’s life but had also given him permanent hope in times of financial challenges.

In diverse situations of need, a growing number of FirstBank account holders are finding
solace in FirstAdvance, and for good reason – financial empowerment.
In the dynamic landscape of finance, digital lending has emerged as a vital tool for
economic empowerment, especially in developing economies. Recognising this, First
Bank of Nigeria Limited, a pioneer in financial inclusion services, has introduced
FirstAdvance, a groundbreaking digital lending solution aimed at providing convenient
and swift access to cash for salary earners awaiting payment of their salaries.
FirstAdvance caters to the needs of salary earners whose accounts are domiciled with
FirstBank and have received regular salaries for the past two months or more. This
innovative product ensures quick access to funds with maximum amounts varying
based on the chosen variant. For the 30-day variant, customers can access up to 50%

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of their net monthly income, with a maximum limit of N1,000,000, while the 3-month
variant allows for up to N2,000,000, subject to 75% of the net monthly salary.
The process of availing FirstAdvance is seamless and can be initiated via the bank's
digital channels, either by dialing *894*11# and selecting FirstAdvance on USSD or
through the user-friendly FirstMobile App. What sets FirstAdvance apart is its user-
centric features such as:
Swift Processing: With FirstAdvance, obtaining a loan is as quick as a minute,
ensuring timely assistance during financial emergencies.
Flexible Tenor: Customers can choose between a 30-day or 3-month repayment
period, aligning with their pay cycle for added convenience.
Transparent Fees: FirstBank ensures transparency by collecting all fees, including
interest rates, upfront upon loan disbursement, empowering customers with clarity and
predictability in their financial transactions.
Automated Risk Acceptance: The Risk Acceptance Criteria for FirstAdvance is
automated, streamlining the process and ensuring fair assessment without unnecessary
Continuous Support: Beyond FirstAdvance, FirstBank extends its support to
customers across all income bands with offers like Personal Loan Against Salary
(PLAS), providing long-term loan solutions with convenient repayment plans of up to 60
months. The maximum amount a customer can get on PLAS is N100m.
Since its inception, FirstAdvance has witnessed remarkable success, with over 450
thousand unique customers benefiting from over 9.4 million successful transactions,
totaling over 225 billion naira in disbursed loans.
Although digital lending has become ubiquitous, FirstAdvance stands out to be among
the most competitive in the industry.

In an era marked by digital transformation, FirstBank remains at the forefront,
leveraging technology to deepen financial inclusion and empower individuals and
households across Nigeria. Whether it's addressing immediate financial needs or
providing long-term financial solutions, FirstBank continues to be a trusted partner in the
journey toward economic prosperity.
For salary account holders with FirstBank seeking quick and hassle-free access to
loans, FirstAdvance stands as a reliable solution. Dial *894*11# or initiate your loan
request via the FirstMobile App today and transform your financial goals into reality with
In times like these, when inflation is eroding Nigerians’ wealth daily, there will always be
an increasing need for that lifeline. FirstAdvance, powered by FirstBank, stands ready to
continually meet its customers’ financial needs during that time of need, literally within
one minute.


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