Financial Inclusion is the right of every Nigerian, not a privilege – Babatunde Olofin

Moniepoint Microfinance Bank has expanded its services into the personal banking segment. This strategic move aims to expedite and improve access to diverse, affordable, and tailored financial services that cater to the distinctive needs and circumstances of individuals, as well as small and medium-sized businesses across Nigeria.

Buoyed by its experience and emergence as the definitive bank for small and medium-sized
businesses in the country with over 1.6 million organizations leveraging Moniepoint’s
payments, credit and business management tools for socioeconomic growth and stability, the
bank is committed to aggressively deploying its technical knowhow to guarantee reliability for
people that are not included in recognition of the transformative potential that broader
financial access holds for all strata of society.

At a recent conversation in Lagos around financial inclusion, Ag. Managing Director, Moniepoint
MFB, Babatunde Olofin expressed his enthusiasm about the bank's expanded role in the
financial inclusion drive and the opportunity to power the financial happiness of millions of
people across the continent. He also stated the bank’s credentials as a leading innovator in the
fintech space having pioneered several products and technologies – dynamic transaction
switching, hyperlocal distribution network, virtual account service and instant PoS bank

“We have powered the dreams of a lot of business owners, and we know what individuals
need. We want to include everyone from the regular Okada rider, the market woman in the
financial services space. We have built our infrastructure in such a way that it is a very elastic.
As transactions grow, we are able to expand our infrastructure and this is because we have
several monitoring tools that help us to monitor how transactions are growing. Also, in every
nook and cranny of the nation, we have our business relationship reps. Even in localities where
there is no physical bank or ATM presence, you’ll find our precious blue boxes there.”

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Olofin also took the audience on an enthralling journey through the organization’s structure,
delineating the relationship between Moniepoint MFB, TeamApt and the holding company,
Moniepoint Inc that has birthed a robust and reliable digital payment infrastructure that has
carried out an average monthly transaction value of $12billion for about 1.6million businesses.

In furtherance of curating an enjoyable user experience for consumers and powering the
dreams of many, the bank also announced a gamified in-app approach that will see thousands
of users win N2,000 weekly and a grand prize of 10million naira. Senior Vice President,
Channels and Sales tools, Ope Adeyemi described this innovative touchpoint as an incentivizing
tool for deepening financial inclusion.

“We want to supercharge financial inclusion because we realize that if you want to drive
behavioural change and increase adoption, you should reward consistently good behaviour.
Consumers are rewarded with coins on our personal banking app after they carry out
transactions, and these coins allow them take part in exciting weekly games such as Shuffle,
Spin the Wheel.”

Moniepoint believes firmly that financial inclusion is a commitment to uplift communities,
nurture businesses, and enrich individual lives. By embracing the diversity of Nigeria's economic
landscape, Moniepoint MFB is positioned to facilitate sustainable development and prosperity
for all as it continues its leading role as a driver of progress and shared prosperity.


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