Economy: “Give President Tinubu time to salvage the nation”-Adedayo Urges Nigerians


………former Aide confident things will improve.

A former photographer to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Mr. Stephen Adedayo have appealed to Nigerians to give the APC leader time to salvage the nation, amid growing concerns over the state of the country.

Speaking at an event today in Lagos on state of the nation, Adedayo expressed optimism that Tinubu has the capacity to turn the country around, citing his track record of good governance and visionary leadership.

Adedayo urged Nigerians to be patient and give Tinubu the time needed to implement his plans, promising that the APC leader has “a lot of good things” in store for the nation.

“Let me strongly appeal that we should give him, President Tinubu, some more time to salvage this nation, though we know things are so tense and becoming unbearable. But I can tell you authoritatively that we shall all triumph at last and say congratulations,” Adedayo said.

The event, attended by various stakeholders, highlighted the need for unity and support in addressing the country’s challenges. Adedayo’s appeal comes at a time when the nation is grappling with numerous issues, and his words may be seen as a vote of confidence in Tinubu’s ability to lead the country towards a brighter future.

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