Davido Reveals How Much He Charges For Performance

Nigerian singer, Davido has caused a stir on social media after disclosing how much his new performance rates now cost.

This comes after the 30-year-old disclosed in a YouTube video uploaded by American jewellery company, Icebox, over the weekend, that he does fewer shows because he now charges $600,000.

“Now shows are $600,000 so it’s less actually, cause less people can pay,” he said.

Multiple social media users have commented in the light of his statement.

“If you charge $600K that means Odogwu Burna will charge x4. OluwaBurna is on a different level,” dmoneygamer7509 commented, trying to estimate Burna Boy’s price.

“David too sabi exaggerate,” another user, Baddawrites commented

“He’s worked hard for it and he deserves it. The likes of Jay Z, Drake and Beyoncé charge in millions,” another user wrote, noting that the price tag matches his hard work.

Wealthcreationtips wrote: “You definitely know he’s capping about the shows price.”

Mindboggler2.O wrote: “I love David so much  … I don’t like the way he mentions his figures. It’s unnecessary, we all know he’s the richest with so many evidences. I’m not an hater cuz i know y’all gon’ come for me. I’m just looking out for him cuz not all will be happy seeing him succeeds. I rlly hope one of his team members sees this and get this msg to him.”

miralastcg544 wrote: “Damn this man is successful 2mil 4 shows. that’s crazzzzyyyyy.”

derickesong9039 wrote: “He is truly the baddest!”


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