Cambodian PM Orders All US Weapons Destroyed, See Why

Cambodian leader Hun Sen ordered the country’s military to destroy any US weaponry or dump it in warehouses on Friday, after Washington imposed an arms embargo over human rights concerns and Phnom Penh’s close ties with China.


Truetells Nigeria reports US on Wednesday imposed an arms embargo on Cambodia, citing concerns about human rights and corruption in the southeast Asian nation as well as China’s activities there.


But Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen downplayed the quality of US weapons and equipment on Friday.


In the past few days, the United States has decided to restrict the trade of weapons and military materials to Cambodia. I take this opportunity to thank the United States because of the United States decision on serving the trade of weapons and military materials to Cambodia now reflects the

validity of my decision in 1997, at that time I decided to make a decision. Y’all don’t change the Cambodian arms system that was then, go buy the US arms system.


In the meantime, I would like to order all armed forces to make an urgent review of weapons and military equipment that Cambodia has and to collect all US military weapons and equipment, if there is, store them in the warehouse or demolish. As a matter of fact.


According to my note, those who used many American weapons systems lost the war, like in the Khmer Republic of Lon Nol, who at that time used American weapons systems

and imported many weapons to Cambodia and made Cambodia under this black debt until now. Recently, the US armed system users also lost the war in Afghanistan.

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I believe in the courage, spirit and fighting spirit of the fighters in the battle to protect Cambodia’s territory rather than on a single weapon.


Once againI thank you USA

That helped prove the decision

That I do not agree to buy weapons from America is absolutely correct for Cambodia’s national defense politics and it’s a message


A warning to the Khmer in control.

The next generation Government has known that if it wants independence in the sector, Protect the nation please don’t use (America’s) weapons.



Cambodia PM, Hun Sen


In November, Washington sanctioned two Cambodian officials for corruption allegations linked to a US-funded naval base.


Cambodia’s longtime leader is one of China’s closest partners in Asia, and his Government has been dismantling facilities at the Ream base that were built partly with American money and hosted to US exercises.


Beijing has been increasingly exerting territorial claims in the South China Sea and East China Sea, raising tensions with numerous Asian nations, but Cambodia has increasingly appeared to be an ally.


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