Bolt blocks over 11,000 drivers over safety issues

Bolt, a ride-hailing company has suspended more than 11,000 drivers in Nigeria and South Africa in less than a year for violating its code of conduct.

The move comes after the company faced criticism for its lack of driver and passenger safety in the region.


About 6,000 drivers were suspended in South Africa and 5,000 in Nigeria. The company has been accused of holding its drivers to lax standards in Africa, and these recent suspensions suggest a shift towards stricter enforcement.

This crackdown follows a series of disturbing incidents involving Bolt drivers in South Africa. In May 2024, a driver was arrested for allegedly stabbing two women after a disagreement over their drop-off location.

This case, along with the conviction of another former Bolt driver for kidnapping, rape, and assault, sparked outrage on social media and threats of legal action against the company.

“The company will continue to permanently suspend drivers and riders who have been reported for misconduct from accessing the platform,” Bolt said in a statement. “Whether these measures will be enough to rebuild trust with riders remains to be seen.”

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