Barack Obama’s sister gets tear-gassed while doing Live TV interview during Kenya protests (video)

Barack Obama’s half-sister was tear-gassed in the middle of a live interview with CNN as protests rock Nairobi, the Kenyan capital on Tuesday, June 25.


Auma Obama, a Kenyan-British activist, showed up to support demonstrators taking part in nationwide protests against proposed tax hikes.

While she was trying to talk to CNN, Police opened fire with live ammunition and tear gas outside the parliament, with everyone including the reporter trying to gasp for air.


Barack Obama
Barack Obama


“I’m here because look at what’s happening. Young Kenyans are demonstrating for their rights. They are demonstrating with flags and banners,” she said. Moments later, she began coughing along with fellow demonstrators as tear gas enveloped the group.

“I can’t even see anymore, we’re being tear-gassed,” she said.


The unrest hit a fever pitch Tuesday as protesters stormed the parliament and legislators fled. Parts of the building were set ablaze before reportedly being put out by police water cannons.


On social media, several bodies were seen outside the parliament after police opened fire, according to the Associated Press.


A paramedic reportedly said at least 10 demonstrators had been shot dead.

Kenyans are protesting against a finance bill that would raise an extra $2.7 billion in taxes at a time when Kenyan citizens are already struggling.

Watch the video below…


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