Ambassador Of Akmodel, Paul Obazele Storms Akmodel Head Office Lekki


The brand ambassador of Akmodel and popular Nollywood actor, Paul Obazele has promised to sell Akmodel properties to Nigerians and beyond as the company opens for business with new deals for year 2023.

Speaking on his visit to the headquarters of Akmodel homes and properties, the brand ambassador said that the company should focus on developing an environment concerned with the creation of awareness on how dependable it’s products are.

He also encouraged Akmodel staffs to educate their customers on what to look out for when buying houses and how the company’s products possess those qualities, not just compelling them to buy lands or houses.
” Tell them why they should come and buy houses, don’t just tell them to build houses, you have to educate them- if you tell me someone is a professional, rather than going to meet a quack, I would prefer to pay extra money to do what I want to do in confidence that I wouldn’t have to worry about repercussions”.

According to Mr Paul, the company should focus on developing an environment concerned with the creation of awareness on how dependable it’s products are. That is, the company would spend money on creating awareness on how valuable it’s products are which will in return generate revenues and build confidence and trust among clients.

He encouraged the company to make last year’s November 27th event a quarterly one that would take place in the various states where the company has it’s products so as to create awareness as well as attract clients, sponsors and the government of those states.

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For example, the Lagos State government has places like ‘Igbobi hospital’ where there are a lot of uncompleted commissioned projects. Though the government would be skeptical about who to award such projects, with the right insights on the company’s value and capabilities, Akmodel Builders could be awarded such contracts.

“Na who know pesin, Naim dey bring pesin come” He said
Meaning (It is only one who knows a person that can recommend that person).

He made this statement in regards to how most people in power tend to guide their assests selfishly, not minding if their selfishness staunts growth and progress. Therefore you can only recieve from such people if someone who knows you continually recommends or mentions you to them.

Encouraging the project manager and head builders to keep up the good work of creating quality building, telling him to maintain such standard no matter the situation. Reminded that the lives of people as well as the company’s name and identity rests in their hands.

“Project manager, I commend you but please no matter what, don’t cut corners because the lives of people are in your hands. If you build a house and for some reason it collapses, the company name is gone. That is why you all must be precise with whatever you’re doing…A good name is better than the Biggest Wealth”.

“I don’t think if your MD/CEO cuts corners, he would be where he is today. If he is not honest, he would be compelled too move around with with escorts for protection from those he has duped, as is the case with most builders who are not honest or genuine.” He said

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He advised all the staff to emulate the head of the company and to keep the mission and vision of the company alive. He also advised them to live and do things that would not tarnish the image of the company and to continuously pray for their head, Dr. bldr. Odegade Abdulhakeem, because whatever blessing he receives would definitely get to them as well.
He also mentioned that he dislikes complacency and eye service. He told the staffs present to always have each others back.

“if something needs to be done, do it. Don’t say that not in my job description or I’m not the one it was allocated to. We are all one, so don’t wait for her to do it when you can do it yourself.” He Concluded

Also speaking at the event the head of media Akmodel Properties, Favour Benson admonished the members of staff to always protect the image of the organisation as people are waiting to take advantage of their mistakes anytime.


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