Akmodel Group MD Goodwill Message On Democracy Day, Graces South West Advancement Awards

Akmodel Group Managing Director, (Dr.) Bldr. Abdulhakeem Odegade sends out his hearty goodwill message to Nigerians as we celebrate our Democracy Day.

In his words, he said “Democracy is not about politics; Democracy literally means the power of the people.The strength of a nation lies in the minds of its people.”

Dr. Odegade further said that “Where you see wrong or disparity or foul play, stand up against it because *this is your nation. This is your Democracy Make it. Ensure it. Pass it on Respect the importance of Democracy, it is all about people.”

He advised us all to keep praying for Nigeria because this our home.

Happy Democracy Day, he concluded.

Bldr. (Dr.) Odegade will also be attending South West Advancement Awards, holding today in Oriental Hotel, Victorial Island Lagos.

Because of his magnanimity and dedication to the Real Estate sector, he has been shortlisted as a recipient of one of the awards.

He will be storming the event with Paul Obazele (Akmodel Brand Ambassador), Favour Benson (Media Consultant), members of their Marketing Staff etc.

Recall that Akmodel Group consist of Akmodel Homes and Properties, Akmodel Builders Construction, Akmodel Farm investment.

They also have landed properties in Lagos, Uyo, Ibadan, Awka, Abeokuta, Ilorin, Enugu, Ghana etc, Cote d’Ivoire and United kingdom loading.

Now introducing Akmodel Auto-Care and Akmodel Oil and Gas.


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